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Skydive DeLand

Average Rating: 4.35
4.35 out of 5 based on 81 user reviews

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Deland Municipal Airport (KDED)
Lat: 29.0669806
Lng: -81.2839417

PO Box 3071
DeLand, Florida 32721
United States

1-386-736-1233 (fax)  (32767 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-11-24
Super Otter, Super Skyvan, PAC750

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

Tandem: 179 USD
Jump Ticket: 23 USD to 13500 ft


We are open 365 days a year!


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Team Rooms
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Accuracy Tuffet
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Bar
  • Bunkhouse
  • RV Hookups
  • Camping
  • Showers
  • Pool

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0000-00-00 Advanced Coach Course by Skydive University
2018-12-07 2018-12-13 Advanced FS Coach Camp by Skydive University

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Over 30 years of expereience!

Skydive DeLand Rated 5 by: brickellkid on 2015-10-21

Pros: Where skydivers train to become champions!
Cons: NONE

Skydive Deland is the capital of skydiving from the abundance of skydiving companies that have moved their operations to the city of DeLand just because they want to be located near this DZ; i.e. PD, Jumpshack, Mirage, Aerodyne, CPS, Aerotech, Merlin, LiquidSky, Chuting Star, Vigil, Alti2, Elemental, Blue Skies Magazine, Parachute Labs, TSO & UPT among others to world class coaches in all disciplines such as swooping with Flight-1 or Alter Ego, Angle Flying with Fly4Life or FlowFreeFly, free flying with Vuelo or Tribu, ratings with Skydive University, wing suiting with Flyteskool, 4-way with the National Skydiving League & frequent big ways as well as State Records...yes coaching with THE BEST will cost you AS IT SHOULD! Skydive DeLand has welcomed all levels of skydivers for over 30 years, their history is skydiving history and that is why NBC Sports chose this DZ for their reality show on our sport called SkyLife. The vibe is all about family, it's one of the few DZs that has a playground so yes you can land and keep an eye on your kids while they play. It has a full service restaurant and bar, no bottled water, they give out water for free. They are opened EVERYDAY, yes even on Thanksgiving, New Years and during Christmas and don't be surprised to be invited to a feast to celebrate those holidays with the staff and locals because the vibe is all about family & you're a part of that SKY FAMILY. Want to jump with the locals then join them for Locals Load every Wednesday or attend rad events such as Disappearing Island, have family that just want to watch they can hang out at the observation deck. Most of the packers are also riggers, every 25 minutes there is a load, they have their own planes and don't have to depend on bringing in planes from other DZs including the much loved SKY VAN, assigned landing areas to divide students from more experienced jumpers or swoopers to keep you safe, brand new UPT rigs for students, top notch rental rigs, showers & washing machines on the facility, team rooms & hangers for big groups, extremely professional tandem masters, their gearstore will beat or match any price and they are dealers for pretty much everyone & they are the only ones that offer the PAY AS YOU JUMP program for those skydivers that want to buy a new rig but can't pay it off all at once. No you will not be treated as a baby, you will have to spot for yourself and if you need the help doing so you will get it because even though your videographer or your AFF instructor are world champs you probably won't notice since there are no big ego's here. Just ask the many skydivers that have moved to DeLand just to jump here how the vibe is, if it was so terrible why do stay? Maybe it's the down to earth, hands on owner whom is the strongest supporter of setting a standard of professionalism for other DZs, leading by example which is why skydivers as far as from China have jumped at Skydive DeLand. Yeah, it rocks.
(Review ID:8942)

One of the top dz in the world, best place to train during the cold season.

Skydive DeLand Rated 5 by: flyngrudy18 on 2015-10-19

Pros: Big dropzone, the perfect place to train with you team, or couch.
Cons: No free-fly load organizer, very hot and humid summer time.

This is my second review of Skydive Deland, I' choose to travel there, with my couch because the possibility to make 6 or 7 jumps per day, also during weekdays.

Deland is considered the capital in the skydiving world, thanks to the parachute industry there, and the good weather during the winter, which makes very appealing to the team from all around the world, during the last visit there were there the China teams 4-FSm male and female, and Qatar crew training, plus the local jumpers, tandem and foreigners, I' made 6 jumps per day easily. During the slow day they run the PAC, when get busier they start the Otter, the Skyvan fly only when the military are training there. The dz offer all services, all packers have the rigging-ticket, the bar-restaurant is probably the best among dz, and there are a tons of couches available, for all disciplines, from FS to free-fly, to canopy couch. The city of Deland is 45 minutes from Orlando airport, and offer great choice of lodging, at all prices, vast variety of restaurant, and a lovely historic downtown to walk after jump, while if you go to Sebastian, for example, the cost of a room in town is over 100 dollar easily. Camping at dz is free.This is important for those on budget like me. The only cons is the lack of a free-fly load organizer, at least during the weekend, and summer time, like anywhere else in Florida, the heat is unbearable, with high humidity.

(Review ID:8939)

Clique pro dropzone with good coaching but no vibes

Skydive DeLand Rated 2 by: daenjel on 2014-10-27

Pros: Jump with the pros, DZ with historic spirit
Cons: You are nothing there if you are not a pro

Jumped here for a couple of days during my tour through Florida. Lots of international pros hanging around. Lots of coaching possibilities as also many pros seem to be short in money... Apart from that no friendly or homey vibes or people to fun jump with. Purely commercial and manifest is rather unfriendly. You are nobody there below 1.000 jumps. Restaurant is good and seemed to be heavly frequented also by locals, but better go to the old airport bar down the street for famous cheesbrugers.
(Review ID:8672)

This is the center of gravity for the skydiving world.

Skydive DeLand Rated 5 by: SecondRound on 2014-04-09

Pros: Its all there, both people and equipment.
Cons: None that pertain to skydiving

Deland does not seem to get a lot of love in the skydiving community. My experience was one of a place where I could improve my knowledge and skills by training with top notch professionals as well as met some of the people responsible for making the gear I depend on. Even with less than ideal weather-3 0f 6 days were jumpable, I found the trip to be a fantastic learning opportunity and I am already developing an agenda for my next trip. Thanks DeLand, Flight-1, and Skydive U.
(Review ID:8412)

Great DZ

Skydive DeLand Rated 5 by: cstaylor71 on 2012-12-27

Pros: Friendly staff, Safety, AFF training
Cons: none

I completed my AFF in Deland and fromthe ground school, through graduation, and beyond they were friendly and helpful. The staff is welcoming and they will help you with any questions or techniques. This is my only DZ so far but it definitely set a high standard. I would recommend them to everyone.
(Review ID:7760)

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