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Freefall Thailand

Average Rating: 4.42
4.42 out of 5 based on 12 user reviews

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Freefall Thailand
Lat: 12.7106854120402
Lng: 101.628878116608

77 M.7, Neun Kho
Klaeng, 21110

+66 94 312 4695  (2768 Hits)

Last Updated: 2017-10-17
PAC 750 XL

Training: , Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Forbidden

USPA Membership: Required

Tandem: 9180 THB
Video: 2200 THB
Jump Ticket: 1000 THB to 14000 ft


Freefall Thailand is a world-class skydiving facility offering 14,000 feet skydives the highest jumps in Asia. Located in Klaeng District, the dropzone is nestled along the scenic coastline and is just a short drive from Pattaya and Bangkok. We offer both tandem and sport skydives.

From acquiring a private airfield with our own exclusive airspace to the new custom-built facilities and P-750 aircraft, we spared no expense to provide the very best. Our staff are also carefully selected to meet our qualification requirements and fit in with our friendly culture.

The tropical climate features perfect weather for skydiving year-round.


  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Team Rooms
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Showers

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Over my expectations

Freefall Thailand Rated 5 by: cbenjait on 2018-01-11

Pros: Staffs are, so kind, friendly & Look Profressional, Brand New Facilities, New Aircraft, Good System for the Manifiest
Cons: so far there's "NO"

The landing is very challenge!
The town where the DZ located is a very peaceful place near the beach also there are a nice restaurant and bar along the beach road that I very much enjoyed my nightlife.
Thank you the owner/ investor whose building a very nice DZ here in Thailand :)

(Review ID:9442)

By far the best skydiving experience in Asia

Freefall Thailand Rated 5 by: greggyt on 2017-12-27

Pros: The friendliest and most professional staff, fast aircraft, great scenery, very interesting part of Thailand
Cons: Slightly longer opening hours on weekends would be nice

This is the dropzone that many of us have been waiting for. Unlike the only other dropzone in the country (who by the way is the world-leader in shady skydiving practices), Freefall Thailand does everything right. From the start, their instructors pay great attention to detail in the dropzone briefing, and every jumper must demonstrate good canopy skills on the mandatory first hop n' pop. While some people question the necessity of this, it is exactly such measures that effectively keep out complacent and dangerous experienced skydivers - a serious epidemic at dropzones in this region. I loved how the instructors exhibit the utmost care in safety procedures, such as by checking every jumper's gear at the 5 minute call, providing friendly feedback on canopy patterns, and so on. The vibe of this dropzone is amazing and I wholeheartedly recommend it. I have so much respect for the team for fulfilling their ambitions!
(Review ID:9438)

Best dropzone in South East Asia !

Freefall Thailand Rated 5 by: tgauriau on 2017-12-02

Pros: Very professional place - Isolated from any distraction which gives FOCUS - 5 stars Safety standards - Brand new plane -
Cons: During a very hot sunny day, packing will make you sweat a lot :D ( can't think of any cons to be honest )

I'm a fun jumper mostly doing WS and FF.
The place is brand new and very well designed.
It's tandem friendly (of course) but also very fun jumper friendly ! There, everyone is safety driven. The facilities are comfortable, the space can accommodate a lot of people ... in a nut shell its really nice and they make you feel welcome !

Like everyone else I've heard a lot about the landing area size being too small etc..etc.. well its be a bit exaggerated in my opinion because its big and fine unless you are 25 jumps and fresh A license of course. Plus it's only surrounded by alternate landing zone! It is nicely maintained, green grass everywhere and no water or surprises.

There are no trees or buildings in the way, the winds are always constant coming from the same direction and with no obstacles in the way ... well NO turbulence :) Its the first landing area i've jump which feel like it's been designed for skydiving ! It's refreshing.

So far i ve been to the DZ 3 times and love it.
The town nearby is where everyone stays (10 mins drive if you chose the furthest hotels ), I ve tried 3 different hotels and they are all good AND located by the ocean with plenty of beach restaurant from local food to pizza or burgers .. anything. ( all the hotel can be found on agoda, so far no bad surprises )
It's about 2 hours drive from Bangkok airport and to be honest its a straight road all the way.

The Staff at the drop zone is amazing and very helpful. Everyone speaks English. All the instructors are top level and will coach you in any discipline you want to practice.
The plane never waits for a full load to take off, quite the contrary, there's always 2 to 3 loads ahead that are open to manifest so if you don't jump its because you don't want to.

We've had 1 major fun jumper weekend so far and its was ridiculous awesome !

(Review ID:9430)

Best DZ in SE Asia

Freefall Thailand Rated 5 by: asafonov on 2017-11-30

Pros: great infrastructure, highest altitude jumps in Asia, safety protocols
Cons: none I can think of

I live in Singapore and as we don't have drop-zone at home I spent three years traveling around Asia looking for perfect one. Finally my search is over as I'm more than happy to call Freefall Thailand my home DZ.

This place has it all:

- new shiny PAC P-750 XSTOL airplane which takes up to 17 skydivers to standard 14000 feet altitude at very short time - 12 minutes for half full load and about 18 minutes for full load. Dropzone management does not compromise on altitude and always delivers what is promised unless cloud situation is hopeless - which happens maybe 1% of time only - I jumped only once from lower altitude 11,000 feet in 30+ jumps I did at DZ and it still was great comparing to typical fare of dropzones in the region;

- very well planned and executed DZ layout - skydivers lounge, packing area, boarding area, cafeteria, rigging loft - all is part of integrated compact and comfortable building which minimizes time skydivers needs to spend outside which is great as it is pretty hot during day time in Thailand; also walking back from landing area to the building takes no time which is very convenient;

- amazing vibe with friendly helpful staff, nice music playing everywhere, big cool screens, electronic manifest, and overall great sense of style and identity which is far above regular fare DZs around the world provide; and of course there is always great apres-jumping time to relax with beers and share stories of the day with other jumpers;

- Safety protocols and rules. Freefall Thailand management is very safety-focused. Very well planned and executed briefings are mandatory for everyone. There is always someone watching both exits and landings and if need arises - instructors and jump directors will allays have personalized advice on improving one's and everyone safety - I found these discussions very helpful and I feel that those made me better skydiver than I was before starting jumping at Freefall Thailand. I've seen only few dropzones in my life there people not only enforce highest safety standards with "iron fist" but also spend so much time trying to help individual jumpers to fit culture better.

- they treat tandem first time jumpers as VIPs - client's time is highly valued and they try to optimize everyone's schedule and minimize waiting time. I will definitely bring my friends and colleagues in future for first time jumping experience as I'm confident that this place will deliver and make clients happy even if weather conditions will be challenging - I observed it with my own eyes on a few occasions.

- as for funjumpers - landing area at this phase is not huge - it is about 200x40 meters, this is why DZ enforces lower limit of 500 jumps at the moment. I jumped there over several weekends with big groups of people and nobody with that level of experience had any problems navigating and landing safely. I feel like limit they enforce is absolutely right for their current configuration - which may get more beginner friendly in near future.

- almost forgot - views of coastline and islands during airplane ride and freefall are stunning.

Overall - I'm incredibly happy that Thailand's skydiving scene is growing and we have this incredible place to enjoy our favorite sport.

Highly recommended for first time tandem jumpers and for experienced fun jumpers.

(Review ID:9429)

Best place to jump in Asia hands down

Freefall Thailand Rated 5 by: AntoH on 2017-11-29

Pros: 14,000ft loads all day, facilities, staff, views
Cons: None

I've spent 2 weekends jumping here so far, it's such a privilege to finally have a professional DZ operating out of Thailand, one that is actually all about the jumpers and not cramming as many tandem loads as possible into sub 9k loads.

The DZ is very safety oriented, with informative safety briefs for all new fun jumpers. The plane stays in the air until all jumpers are on the ground so there is no chance of 'landing next to it'. If you find the landing area too small you should stick to writing fake reviews, as I'd be perfectly happy with a landing area 50% of the current area.

Drive time for me from Bangkok to the DZ averaged at 2hrs getting there in the morning and 2.5hrs driving back on a Sunday evening through traffic.

(Review ID:9425)

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