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Skydive Monterey Bay

Average Rating: 3.88
3.88 out of 5 based on 26 user reviews

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Marina Municipal Airport (KOAR)
Lat: 36.6818783
Lng: -121.7623475

3261 Imjin Road
Marina, California 93933
United States

1888-BAY-JUMP  (20124 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-11-02
The fastest King Air

Training: AFF, S/L, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required




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Best experience

Skydive Monterey Bay Rated 5 by: nakshatra04 on 2018-07-01

Pros: Friendly staff and and you are in safe hands
Cons: No

The best part is the team, they will make you feel very comfortable will train you well and will make this a memorable experience.
I really liked the 18000 jump, the video editing is amazing.
Would Like to personally extend my thanks to "Mikhail", he is the BEST. Thank you again for making it a wonderful experience.

(Review ID:9516)

Horrible for experienced jumpers. STAY AWAY.

Skydive Monterey Bay Rated 2 by: zephyrzone on 2014-07-05

Pros: Fast Aircraft, Good Tandem Masters
Cons: AWFUL towards fun jumpers, TERRIBLE Manifest Manager

Given my experience, I want to rate this DZ a 0. However, I want to be completely objective in my review. 2 stars is an honest rating.

The Good: The aircraft is fast and the tandem masters/camera flyers are very good. Of course there are many other DZs in northern California with the same attributes.

The Bad: The DZ claims to accept experienced/fun jumpers, and technically they do. In reality THEY DO NOT. Let me be absolutely clear on this, if you are a licensed skydiver, this dz will not treat you well and doesn't want you there. In fact, this review will probably help them because it will keep fun jumpers away (which is what they want).

I took my friend down to a tandem jump because of the high altitude, nice scenery and I got comped a jump ticket. His jump went well and he enjoyed it. I was 1 of 3 fun jumpers there all day on a Saturday. None of us were able to get on a load, even though we were manifested. As I was walking to the plane I was pulled from the line and told I couldn't board because of weight issues. This also happened to the one other fun jumper who actually volunteers at the DZ. Apparently our weight cost too much in gas (I'm 165lbs). My friend, who was on the plane, overheard the tandem instructors mocking me for coming to a "tandem only DZ" and that I "should know better". Awesome.

I was offered an IOU to come back and jump again, instead of a refund. Of course I'm not going to do this since I'll never get up on a load. I asked for a real refund (very nicely) and was refused. Then I offered to return the hoodie that I had bought a few hours ago to at least recoup some money. Nope. I was told I wore it and "excreted fluids into it" so it was not returnable.

Skydive Monterey Bay HATES fun jumpers and it shows. Why they even promote the DZ as a place where experienced jumpers are welcomed is a complete mystery. This DZ is an adequate tandem factory and nothing more. If you want to do a tandem skydive, this place is OK, but I wouldn't give them a single dime. The have no interest in customer service because they get more tandem jumpers than they can even handle as it is.

(Review ID:8563)

Don't waste your time if you are a fun-jumper

Skydive Monterey Bay Rated 1 by: ce2010 on 2013-12-29

Pros: Very scenic jump run next to the ocean
Cons: Bad customer service, incompetent manager

I walked in, asked a few questions, and got short/rude answers. I took the initiative to find the shuttle to the landing area a mile away, and was not impressed.

I never saw another fun jumper the whole weekend which makes perfect sense now! They do not want your business and make that very clear.

It's a shame really that more people can't enjoy 18,000ft jumps and warm weather because of the horrible vibe at Skydive Monterey Bay. Only the tandems can who wouldn't notice the altitude difference anyway.

I will not be back!

(Review ID:8313)

Great place to jump

Skydive Monterey Bay Rated 4 by: Mamoore399 on 2012-02-25

Pros: Fast plane, excellent vibe, great staff, professional
Cons: Fun jump altitude determined by tandems

Excellent place to jump during week. 18k with a very conservative opening altitude was 81 seconds. Their King Air is a rocket, 4 turns and you are on jump run! Attentive office staff, great vibe, friendly locals. Got a coach and he made me work in the air, exactly what I asked for. The turns are fast so if you have the means bring two rigs. Landing area is clear, safe, with plenty of bailouts albeit small. I'll go back. Tandems determine load altitude- just get over it. Very happy with the crew there.
(Review ID:7024)

Tandem factory

Skydive Monterey Bay Rated 2 by: fastguy on 2011-02-16

Pros: The place to be if you are looking for a beautiful tandem jump
Cons: Not fun-jumper friendly

I was on a road trip from San Diego to San Francisco and thought I would hit Skydive Santa Barbara and Skydive Monterey on the way north. After getting stumped at SSB with fog and low clouds, I arrived at Skydive Monterey the next morning with beautiful blue skies.

When I walked into the terminal, I noticed lots of tandem folks waiting around; that should have been my first clue. I asked around but no one knew if there was a local instructor or coach around to get me oriented (clue 2), so being an instructor myself observed how they did things for a little while, noticed the boarding and landing areas were on the far side of the airfield (you have to take vans to and from), and the nice packing and training areas.

Walked into the office and stood in line while watching the staff lose their minds trying to deal with the five tandems that where in there. After nearly 30 minutes of waiting and repeated questions that went ignored, I asked again to get started with the waiver, etc. After finishing with that I tried to manifest and was told that there would be a 2.5 hour wait. No apology or anything.

I am an instructor at a busy DZ myself, and I know how easy it is to get focused on taking care of the clients and forget that there are fun jumpers running around that are looking for a good time, often at a new and different DZ than their home. But making these folks welcome can pay dividends for your business over the long haul, and they might even bring in a tandem or two the next time they are in town.

(Review ID:6236)

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