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Dropzone: North America: United States: Georgia: Skydive Spaceland Atlanta

Skydive Spaceland Atlanta

Average Rating: 4.50
4.50 out of 5 based on 6 user reviews

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Spaceland Atlanta Airport
Lat: 33.9764689937919
Lng: -85.1700496673584

1195 Grady Rd.
Rockmart, Georgia 30153
United States

770-748-2900 (fax)  (5173 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-11-02
Super Twin Otter

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 150 USD
Tandem: 219 USD
Video: 119 USD
Jump Ticket: 25 USD to 13000 ft


Convenient to Atlanta, Birmingham, and Chattanooga, Skydive Spaceland Atlanta opens May 1, 2015, with full-service skydiving and skydiving instruction out of a Super Twin Otter. The completely remodeled facility will have you skydiving in style in the beautiful Georgia foothills! And you can get your basic skydiving license in as little as a week with our industry-leading Skydiver Training Program. We look forward to flying with you!


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Camping
  • Showers

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a great place for all types of jumpers

Skydive Spaceland Atlanta Rated 5 by: babydragon on 2016-07-06

Pros: amazing family vibe, clean facilities, great instructors and staff
Cons: none

I just got my A-License this past Fourth of July weekend! talk about 'murica!

I opted for the A-in a week option. I visited once before but got weathered out during my stay. That is of course no fault to the facility. If not for that bad weather, I would have been able to knock out all of my training that first time.

I mention this because James Englund, my instructor, was always ready to get on a load and get me through whatever I needed. Absolutely motivated and never grew tired of me.

The included video that they film during all of your jumps are extremely helpful to show actual points during the jump for improvement. Way better than making you recall on your own what happened. Jumping back to back is also amazing for hard learners like me. Keeping the experiences fresh and moving through the dive flows is what helped me progress, so I encourage others to opt for this route if possible.

During the down time and at night just hanging around is where it all comes together. I met various people from around the WORLD who all had bits and pieces to add for my tool kit in skydiving. The advice they gave me and memories over the campfires will always be with me.

Places to set up tents are plentiful. It's called a campsite, so obviously bugs and other what nots will be creeping around. THATS NORMAL! Other than that, very calm and relaxing. I felt as if I was at a retreat. Laundry and Showers are available during the business hours. Both clean so you will be good to go! Toilets and restrooms are also very well maintained.

I am very new to this so I do not know how to rate the hanger and aircraft. From what I could tell, turn around for pack jobs were quick and the hanger was always clean. The aircraft was smooth and the pilot is awesome about setting you up for success.

I camped out at this drop zone for a total of 10 days spread over two visits. I have seen tandem customers come and go and every single one of them had a blast. Fun jumpers came from all around and all seemed pleased with the dropzone as well.

This is an amazing place all around!

(Review ID:9087)

THE place to jump in North Georgia!

Skydive Spaceland Atlanta Rated 5 by: Teebert on 2016-06-24

Pros: Nice facility, cool aircraft, awesome staff
Cons: None

Absolutely awesome! Jumped today, 6-24-16 for the first time, and actually was the first time I've ever been on an airplane too! There is so much to say I don't know where to start. I found these guys by accident while checking out another DZ. I had already decided on them but was a bit turned off because NO WHERE on their site did they list their prices. Skydive Spaceland did. And of course being a first time jumper I had a hundred questions. One thing I like to do is test a company's response time and friendliness by sending them an email. I got a very friendly and quick email from Deloria answering all my questions.

On the day I was scheduled, the airplane was out for maintenance and didn't arrive back in time for me to jump that day due to an unforeseen delay. It was in no way these guy's fault. The office staff gave me a rain check and helped me to reschedule. But that's ok because I got to spend some time with one of their staff, David, who kept me entertained by showing me how to pack a parachute and answering all my questions and even telling me stories of past jumps. He was just a super cool guy who found his calling and wants to share his love of jumping with others.

My second trip went off without a hitch. The weather was hot and beautiful with high thin clouds. My instructor Eduardo and videographer Melinda were wonderful! You can tell they really love what they do and they put me at ease and made me feel safe. Eduardo went over the procedures with me multiple times to ensure I was familiar with what was going to happen and even gave me a little nudge when I needed it. When I got home and watched the videos and pictures, I was blown away by what a good job Melinda did.

About the time I stepped out the door I was like, "what am I doing?!" On one hand it was scary but on the other hand I will do it again (already purchased my second jump). The ride down was fast and windy and I seemed to lose track of time and space. The best way I can describe it is like I was having a dream. It never occurred to me to look at my altimeter so it's safe to say Eduardo really did save my life. After he reached for my own arm and stuck it in my face I knew it was time to pull the chute which he let me do. Then we just drifted down for what seemed like an eternity while I took it all in. He kept telling me to relax...I must have been tensed up.

In summation, I would highly recommend this place for anyone considering jumping. The entire staff is friendly and welcoming and they take care of you from check in, to training, to boarding, to jumping & landing! Thanks again guys for this awesome experience. Can't wait to come back!

(Review ID:9080)

Probably the most peaceful dropzone I've been to.

Skydive Spaceland Atlanta Rated 5 by: pandamonium on 2016-05-04

Pros: Great otter, great facilites, and camping available.
Cons: None

I had the chance to stop by here on 4/31/2016. Very nice DZ with all the facilities. Everyone on the staff was nice and the DZ is very laid out. Short walk to the plane, and they have a trailer pick you up in the landing field. They have a lot of equipment for rent in many different sizes. Packing area for fun jumpers is a bit small, but I didn't see anyone stepping over each other to pack.
(Review ID:9027)

Not Spaceland Houston

Skydive Spaceland Atlanta Rated 2 by: apple314 on 2015-12-11

Pros: Twin Otter
Cons: Chaotic

Visited one weekend. Winds were unpredictable and landing direction poorly discussed. Two tree landings while I was there and numerous landing directions per load. Office staff was less than welcoming. The place seems to have potential, but might benefit from good management. No nearby food.
(Review ID:8961)

Great dropzone & highly recommended

Skydive Spaceland Atlanta Rated 5 by: StefV on 2015-12-07

Pros: Friendly, professional, clean facilities, fun load organisers
Cons: Needed a few more jumpers to keep the plane turning but it was a cold couple of days

With a spare weekend available in Atlanta I headed out to the new Skydive Spaceland Atlanta. The office and manifest team greeted me with a smile and ran through paperwork and a DZ briefing in a calm, efficient and professional manner. Instructors, onsite rigger, ops team and pilot were all super friendly, helpful and engaging. Awesome, clean facility, huge and well laid out packing area/hanger, warm rooms off to the side for those cold winter mornings, huge smooth and well maintained grass landing area, truck to pick you up. The whole crew were a lot of fun to jump with and I will definitely be heading back out there at the first opportunity.
(Review ID:8958)

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