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Bozeman Skydivers

Average Rating: 4.50
4.50 out of 5 based on 4 user reviews

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Lat: 45.7774636
Lng: -111.1529797

2006 Gilkerson Dr. (unit B)
Bozeman, Montana 59715
United States

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Last Updated: 2005-07-21
2 Cessna 182s

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required




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  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area

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4 Reviews Written

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Three cheers for Jumpmaster J keeping the dream alive!

Bozeman Skydivers Rated 5 by: Krl1 on 2007-06-25

Pros: One of the most beautiful valleys, anywhere, to skydive!
Cons: Aging aircraft.

Big Sky Skydiving and Parachute Company simply makes skydiving fun in one of the most picturesque areas anywhere. Low loads or not, it's always a blast! Great people and great fun! Thanks Jeff!
(Review ID:3956)

Friendly, fun, and beautiful

Bozeman Skydivers Rated 4 by: mt_skydiver on 2005-07-21

Pros: Wonderful scenery, great atmosphere
Cons: Old plane and low loads

Although Bozeman Skydiving usual consists of low loads due to aging aircraft, from the time I've started jumping here I've already made some super fun jumps with some of the friendlist crowds out there. Wonderful scenery and some of the best and friendlist people that I have ever met make skydiving in Bozeman one of the best experiences in my life.
(Review ID:2437)

Glad I stopped by

Bozeman Skydivers Rated 4 by: thecap on 2004-10-03

Pros: Pretty valley, friendly
Cons: ATC gave me small landing area

I called ahead when I was driving from WA to IL along I90 and am glad I did. I caught the pilot at the end of the day and paid for enough slots to make a 182 hop'n'pop load. He took me a bit higher and seemed quite friendly to an fairly low-timer from another state. I will certainly try to go there again for a full altitude jump( with a climb following a montain ridge) if I'm in the area again.

Don't bother trying to email them. I got a quick reply by phone.

(Review ID:1841)

Jeff has done a gread jobs with his DZ.

Bozeman Skydivers Rated 5 by: Stuuu on 2004-09-13

Pros: Great people and great views
Cons: slow plane

Bozeman is an awesome place to go skydiving. The views are great and the people are great. The 182 is a little slow and the loads are typically low but it makes for great jumps from 5000 to 8000 agl.
(Review ID:1804)