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Thai Sky Adventures

Average Rating: 3.60
3.60 out of 5 based on 19 user reviews

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Nong Khor (VTNK)
Lat: 13.08
Lng: 101.02

Nong Khor Airfield
Pattaya, 20150

+6638223203 (fax)  (19334 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-11-24
Pilatus PC6 Porter

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Forbidden

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 86950 THB
Tandem: 10950 THB
Video: 3500 THB
Jump Ticket: 1150 THB to 13000 ft


The only viable drop zone in Asia and the only functioning DZ in Thailand, we jump year round every day except TUESDAYs and occasional down time for aircraft maintenance..............check out our website at


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Bar
  • Camping
  • Showers

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Brilliant school - Best in Asia

Thai Sky Adventures Rated 5 by: gojohn on 2017-12-11

Pros: Great place, Brilliant aircraft, cool staff,
Cons: some air traffic restrictions

Just completed my A License and become a part of the skydiving brotherhood, spent 9 Days with Thai Sky with my instructors 007 and the awesome kevin McCarthy (11,000+ AFF Instructional Jumps) There are 4 1 Hour slots a day to 13,000 Feet and when the weather is fine priority is given to AFF students then fun jumpers. The aircraft is superb , the Pilot told me it has the bigger engine and climbs at 1200 feet per minute all the way to 13K (and a new aircraft is coming in January)
The place is always busy with lots of Tandems but they explained the very limiting weather conditions for students which do not apply to the highly experienced Instructors, so, yes it can get frustrating but better safe than sorry.
Hoping to buy my first rig soon and will spend at least 1 weekend a month at TSA as commuting from Hong Kong is a bit of a financial drain, but all in all 5 stars all the way for TSA.....................

(Review ID:9435)

Let down by the low jump heights and winds

Thai Sky Adventures Rated 3 by: AntoH on 2017-11-29

Pros: Fast airplane, good scenery
Cons: 9,000ft jump loads, lacking facilities

The DZ is located right beside a reservoir and on the backside of a low mountain range, this leads to a lot of turbulence in certain wind directions.

The airplane climbs fast but is very old approx. 1970's and doesn't have room for many jumpers so if you want to get a fun jumper load up you need to wait for a break in the tandems.

There are 3 times periods in the day where you can go to 13k and that depends on if ATC gives permission or not, other times loads are to 9k, if you do a tracking jump and exit after the tandems the plane is usually at 8k leaving very little freefall time.

The landing area is very large but is also public so at times there are pickup trucks freely driving around which can make landing quite treacherous. Until you have an A license you need to wear a flotation device as if you land out there is a good chance you are landing in the reservoir measuring 3.5km x 1km depending on the time of year.

(Review ID:9428)

Fast growing Dropzone. Great place for a few jumps

Thai Sky Adventures Rated 5 by: Manudiver on 2016-07-27

Pros: Friendlyness, experience
Cons: jumps don't get cheaper as you buy many

As already said in another review, if you manage to get the high altitude loads, very nice place to get a couple of good jumps in. Lots of tandems so loads go up every 20 minutes, apparently they are getting a new aircraft in October 2016 which would be great as they seem to be busy enough to fill it. Weather holds can happen in between June and December.

As a beginner I felt really welcomed from the beginning and even got invited to jump with other more experience fun jumpers which for my level of experience was just ideal.

They have a fairly good shop to buy gear, they stock helmets, suits,altos, googles and even some new and second hand rigs.

It would be great if they start offering deals for blocks of tickets, like most of the big DZ's, specially for jumpers like me,that want to become regular customers and get lots of jumps in.

In my opinion, with the great location, weather, atmosphere and amount of tourists, and mostly for being the only real drop zone in the area, this place will grow and become a world class drop zone very soon.

(Review ID:9112)

Tourist tandems great, otherwise...blah

Thai Sky Adventures Rated 3 by: BKK_Mark on 2016-06-12

Pros: Location, knowledgeable staff
Cons: Alt restrictions on some loads

It's difficult for me to write a review due to my unique situation. I was trying to get licensed but not actually through TSA but with independent instructors while using this DZ. The TSA instructors that I did meet there were very cool but there was some problem with the DZ owner and my independent instructors that caused me to have to cancel after 2 jumps. It left me feeling sour as I left the place. I really like my independent instructors a lot and was appreciative of the DZ for accommodating us at first. I saw a lot of tourist tandems and the customers seemed pretty happy. The AFF students that I saw appeared to be doing a lot of ground practice alone while instructors were jumping tourists. But I wasn't one of them and didn't talk to them much so I cant give a fair review. I really don't know what else to say other than I was really upset when the owner's only offer was for me to join the DZ's AFF my program was canceled. I really wanted to finish with the instructors that I sought out for 1 on 1 independent instruction. If anyone is on vacation in Thailand I would say go for a tandem jump. If you're a fun jumper and in Thailand then just do it, because there's nowhere else to go. If you want to be a student... well I'm just going to continue the endeavor when I get back to the United States. Overall I decided to recommend because I can only non-recommend for students, however I wasn't officially one of their students so my perception is skewed. I want to be fair but tell my story. By the way, there is a nice pro shop there if you need gear, rigging services or clothing.
(Review ID:9060)

Nice place for doing some fun jumps

Thai Sky Adventures Rated 4 by: dirk72 on 2015-02-09

Pros: friendly and professional
Cons: three time slots for 13.000 ft, other times 9.000 ft

I was there at 2015/02/02 only for one day. Aircraft arrived at noon, so I had to wait two hours. But there is a nice coffee shop.

After checking my documents and a briefing on the landing area, I could buy a ticket (incl. rent for rig) and was manifested for the next free load.

There are three time slots for 13.000 ft: 11-12, 13-14 and 15-16. Other times are 9.000 ft.

I did 3 jumps, including the sunset load. After my last landing, I get a can of cold LEO beer, nice gesture.

I you know about the time slots, I can recommend this drop zone without any limitations.

Sorry for my bad english... :-)


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