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Dropzone: North America: United States: Virginia: Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures and Training Center

Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures and Training Center

Average Rating: 4.93
4.93 out of 5 based on 44 user reviews

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New Market Airport (K8W2)
Lat: 38.6541476164069
Lng: -78.7088012695312

57 River Road
New Market, Virginia 22844
United States

866-722-2798 (fax)  (9236 Hits)

Last Updated: 2015-11-12
2 C-182, PA-31-310

Training: AFF, S/L, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 395 USD
S/L: 315 USD
Tandem: 250 USD
Video: 130 USD
Jump Ticket: 27 USD to 12000 ft


Located in scenic Shenandoah Valley, Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures offers first jump, skydiving students and experienced skydivers the most beautiful scenery on the east coast. A family-friendly, safe and positive learning environment and a place where fun-jumpers can come to "have fun."
We are a student oriented training center with highly qualified USPA skydiving instructors committed to student success. We cater to student needs and as a staff are engaged to see our students succeed. If you want to learn to skydive, you will have personalized, competent, and professional instructors fully committed to your success.
Swoopers are welcome! Come visit and see what a fun experience skydiving can be! We require jumpers to be USPA members in order to be covered by USPA's third-party liability insurance that is part of your membership fee.

We have a Master Rigger and 3 senior riggers, a Coach Examiner, and a Sigma Tandem Instructor Examiner on staff.

If you have jumped with us before, we appreciate you sharing your experience with us by submitting a review, as your feedback is what allows us to more effectively focus our continual efforts in providing you with excellent service. Come out and jump at the most scenic DZ in Virginia!


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From first tandem to AFF and beyond, this is where you NEED to jump!

Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures and Training Center Rated 5 by: Medic2124 on 2015-01-11

Pros: Top notch instructors, very friendly, good equipment, safety is a priority!, Great scenic location
Cons: None

I first came to Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures on a recommendation, and everyone there lived up to what they said! The instructors are top notch, very knowledgeable and will help you succeed in every way! Everyone at this DZ is very welcoming and friendly, they will make you feel like family right from your first visit!

I just finished my A license AFF training this weekend, these guys had no problem braving the cold temperatures to make it happen! I felt like having the 4 or 5 different instructors during my training made me a better skydiver as each had their own way of teaching while hitting all the necessary bullets, I never felt like they contradicted each other.

Safety at this DZ is paramount, and its as simple as if conditions are not safe, the load will not go up. The landing area is more then big enough and it makes it easy to hone those canopy skills.

If you are looking at making that first jump as a tandem or want to start learning how to go out of the door on your own, look no further the Blue Ridge Skydiving adventures. I would HIGHLY recommend them! You will not regret it!

(Review ID:8709)

Perfect dz

Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures and Training Center Rated 5 by: golfer37 on 2014-08-10

Pros: Class act staff, safety is paramount, beautiful location, well maintained gear and planes, and fun!
Cons: absolutly none

The first time I stepped on to this dz I was 16 and although I wasn't able to jump I still felt very welcome! I waited a couple years and came back and started my aff progression and everything about it was awesome! You will meet some of the greatest people at this dz! Charlie, Melissa, Bob, all of the instructors, riggers, and pilots put a ton of work into this dz and it really stands out. Also Blue ridge skydiving has some of the most experienced instructors some have over 9000 skydives. I really couldn't have chosen a better a place to call my home dz!
(Review ID:8616)

Offers a lot, but still has that small DZ feel.

Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures and Training Center Rated 5 by: jonathan.newman on 2014-05-23

Pros: Focused on skydiving, not on $$$. Three mountain ranges!
Cons: Large landing area, but winds occasionally blow over obstacles

Come out to Blue Ridge and you'll find me teaching tandems, AFF, and shooting video.

I've worked at DZs all over the world. Blue Ridge is among a rare breed of dropzone that is not focused on money. The focus is on skydiving.

The place is so friendly, that before I even moved to the DC area, I was invited to come out and jump, check the place out, and see if I wanted to join the staff. It's the same thing when a student walks through the door. Everyone is greeted warmly. First timers can get lost in a 20 minute conversation before they even get to registration. Experienced jumpers will quickly find new friends to jump with.

I really like that they schedule and jump with AFF students first thing in the morning. Most of the time, this means that AFF students can get a jump in before the tandems start arriving. Victor only does AFF and Coaching, so there is always an instructor to talk to, even if other instructors are busy with tandem students.

The scenery is some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. As soon as you take off, you can see the Shenandoah mountain range, the Massanutten, and another range in West Virginia.

The staff is (ahem) top notch. The DZO is also an AFFI, as well as an instructor pilot and tandem instructor. The manager is an AFFI, a tandem I/E, a master rigger and a pilot. The packers are all riggers and jumpers.

If you are looking to learn how to skydive, this is definitely the place.

If you want to do a tandem, this place is NOT a tandem factory.

If you're a funjumper, come out and hang with other funjumpers. There's always a cold (soft)drink in the fridge.

(Review ID:8481)

One of the best experiences of my life!

Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures and Training Center Rated 5 by: browning614 on 2014-03-28

Pros: Great Instructors, Friendly, Organized
Cons: None

I said I was would never do it! I never had any desire to jump out of a perfectly good airplane! A friend of mine has been taking classes at Blue Ridge for a few months, and is working on getting her A license. She sent me an email about a GroupOn they were offering for a tandem jump, and I decided to face my fears. Everyone there immediately made me feel welcome. The staff there is amazing! Henrik would be my tandem instructor, and he walked me through everything that I needed to know, and was both professional enough AND personable enough to make me feel comfortable about jumping. The experience was awesome! As soon as we got on the ground I told them I wanted to go up again, and I did! This is the perfect place to go for your first skydiving experience, and a good family to join if you decide to stick with it.
(Review ID:8394)

I would definitely recommend BRSA!

Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures and Training Center Rated 5 by: JennBond on 2013-11-04

Pros: The people and environment
Cons: None

I went with my husband, dad, and friend and it was the very first time any of us had skydived. We originally signed up for the IAD jump which is each of us jumping alone but with an instructor with us on radio. We sat through several hours of instruction to prepare and by the time class was over the winds were too high for us to jump. So we came back the following day. I personally felt better jumping with an instructor physically with me so I jumped tandem, while the guys all jumped as they had planned. We all loved it so much. Skydiving for one is a thrilling and awesome experience but with the staff there they make it even better. Their energy is infectious. So much so, we jumped twice in one day! I do have to thank everyone we met there... Bob, Vick, Charlie, Henrich, and so many others that didn't work there but made a point to share their wonderful experiences and cheer us on. Skydiving is definitely something we want to do again and BRSA will be where we go!
(Review ID:8276)

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