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SkyDance SkyDiving

Average Rating: 4.36
4.36 out of 5 based on 28 user reviews

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Yolo County Airport (2Q3)
Lat: 38.5790725
Lng: -121.8566322

24390 Aviation Ave
Davis, California 95616
United States

530.753.8572 (fax)  (19647 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-11-22
PAC750, Cessna 172

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 199 USD
Tandem: 199 USD
Video: 99 USD
Jump Ticket: 22 USD to 13000 ft


SkyDance SkyDiving is located in the heart of the Sacramento Valley. 15 minutes from Sacramento, and an hour from San Francisco, we are Northern California's original turbine dropzone. With a full service Loft and gear shop on-site, we can cater to your every need. Check out our website or call for current specials!!


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Team Rooms
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Shop
  • Bunkhouse
  • RV Hookups
  • Camping
  • Showers

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You have to come here! I'm felling at home!

SkyDance SkyDiving Rated 5 by: augustobartelle on 2015-01-31

Pros: Safe, Anazing Staff and Jumpers, good landing area, USPA Dropezone
Cons: No bar or food place nearby

Just since I arrived until now I'm felling at my home drope zone in Brazil. They are very welcoming and all staff and jumpers are very kind, respectful and comprehensive. I'm from Brazil and my English is not so good, but them always can explain again and again if necessary.

I have been talking with a lot of people who did tandem jumps and they loved! Here you can jump since 9,000 feet than 18.000 feet. This is the first dropezone that I saw it.

One very important thing is that here all drope zone follow the USPA statement and this make ours jumps safer. So, if you are looking for a safe place to jump, you just find the one.

Here you have the option to camping, sleep in the car, go to a hotel and so on. Here you can find some facilities like showers and toilets.

I'm moving to San Francisco and for sure here will be my dropezone!

Thanks everyone for all! I hope be here for a long time!

Blue skies!

(Review ID:8728)

Well rounded friendly safe DZ

SkyDance SkyDiving Rated 4 by: EOCS on 2013-09-03

Pros: Good for long term stays if you have a car and tent, weather,
Cons: closed mon/tues, usually no food on site

Skydance Skydiving
Went to skydance skydiving having not heard much about it after being severely disappointed by Hollister and ended up camping out there on the DZ the last 2 of my 3 month skydiving vacation to USA. Iíve decided to put together this review based on my experiences there so that others can have a good idea of what happens there on an average week.

In the time that i was there skydance was running a Cessna Caravan that was configured to fit 20 people, all be it tight it was not too uncomfortable and it was not often that it was so full. I would say the average on the load is about 16-18. Aircraft had seatbelts for everyone which is something i was not used too coming from a small club in EU where we had no seatbelts. With 18 people and with the temperature around 37c/100f it took about 13-15 min to get to altitude which was regularly 4.2km/13,700ft. And of course the sunset load gained some extra altitude. With 10 people it was near 10 min to altitude.

Assigning exit order is something that I felt could use some improvement; it is determined by the jumpers when the taxi way call goes up and everyone should be getting on the plane. This works ok with experienced jumpers but there are often newer jumpers who are not sure where to go in the order and as they generally pull higher this can mix up the order as people are getting into the plane. Jump run is either North or South along the East side of the runway and is spotted by the pilot and GPS. Plane uses the Red light/Green light system but spotting yourself after green is very much supported and people will wait should you give them a good reason. Toys are allowed here if you get out last, talk to Morgan if you get the chance, he is one of the most creative people I have ever met and it shows in his skydiving. Go arounds are also an option if some how you are far off the spot, this only happened to me once during a boogie and it was because a 2 way took too long trying to hang from the Skyvan. They were scared of falling off or something 
Jump days are Wednesday through Sunday and I was able to get at least 4 jumps each day, often times I we were able to get 6-7 jumps each day if desired. I totaled about 150 jumps in the 2 months I was there and I took it pretty easy, could have been a lot more.

DZ Safety:
I was really impressed in this area. Staff at the DZ are not afraid to address an issue if they see it, such as bad patterns or people trying to get in the plane without their gear tightened. They donít go yelling at the person but try to offer suggestions on how they can do better or be more polite in the air. I didnít get on his bad side but there is one person there who will let everyone know in a loud voice if you do something wrong but always for things you know you screwed up on and he just calls you out on it. Again advice is offered on what to do better.
There is reliance on everyone in the plane to know what the exit separation should be. At most DZs ive been to they either tell you what the separation should be for the time/winds or its written in the plane near the door. You can find out the uppers yourself from manifest. This has led to some people opening closer to me then I would have liked but nothing too dangerous, and you can always discuss the separation in the plane or ask one of the staff.

Manifest here uses either a ticket based system or a punch card for jumps if you buy the packages. The manifest workers are pretty quick to get you on a load and the announcements come in the form of a 10 min gear call and then a taxi way call so donít manifest unless you are packed and able to have everything on and tight in 10 min. The loads are read out by number and by the names on the list both at the gear call and taxi way.

Having lived at the DZ I made great use of all the facilities they have on site, these include clean toilets, sinks and 2 showers for each genders room. The showers are very large and have as much hot water as you can want. These area are also open for use on mon and tues when the DZ is Ďíclosedíí so donít worry about staying there for extended periods. Manifest is also open during certain times aswell as the gear shop. There are a few vending machines on site for drinks and snacks however there is no real on site food as the cafť is open only on certain hours during the weekend and so you must have a car or be willing to walk/bike/hitchhike the 10km/6.5 miles to town for real food. There are a lot of people who will give you are ride but you cant bet your ability to eat on it. You have access to the skydiver fridge which is usually full of beer as it should be but there is enough room for some lunch meats and cheese if needed, but I would recommend a cooler and put it in the shade. The tent area is dried grass and uneven in a lot of places but its manageable if you are there a few nights or longer term with an air mattress. We were there without a car and managed but it would have been a lot easier with one. Currently camping is free but I heard rumors of there being a charge soon as there was a problem getting the permit for camping and the owner having to pay a lot of money for it.

I will be going to Skydance again, I feel it is one of the better dropzones I have visited and the overall feeling of the place is very similar to a club in the sense that people seem to care for eachother and not only turning loads. I didnít once sense a skygod complex or anything like that there. If you get the chance meet Charlie one of the pilots, the man is like a real life Chuck Norris.

(Review ID:8166)

Great Place To Jump!

SkyDance SkyDiving Rated 4 by: cdcollura on 2013-08-27

Pros: Great Staff, Plane, and Location
Cons: Small Landing Area

I jumped here a couple of times while visiting N/C California on vacation and never had a bad experience. I'm an experienced up-jumper.

What I was quite impressed by was the way the staff and folks there handled an out-of-towner like me along with the tandems and other up-jumpers alike.

Just recently, I went to do a jump there, but unfortunately it was too windy to jump / not enough to make a load. The staff there tried as hard as they could to get me in the air.

Even renting gear (my rig was having its reserve repacked at the time) from their pro shop was very helpful. They even "waived" their lower wind limit just for me (I have over 500 jumps)!

Ultimately, and totally out of the hands of the drop zone, strong winds grounded everyone. Knowing I was from out of town, they still gave me a full refund on everything - Even though they said no refunds.

The DZO was a great guy and again I was very impressed on their attitude and striving to get a visitor like me up. I will definitely be back on a calmer day!

As for jumping there, the expert landing area is a bit small - Watch out for that canopy eating hawk in the tree! Plenty of out-landing and you have the student field as well.

Great planes (Grand Caravan and Cessna). Awesome view of the central valley, and they have events throughout the year, even 30k HALO.

(Review ID:8150)

Great place in a great location - I'm glad I lived in Davis to take advantage of it!

SkyDance SkyDiving Rated 5 by: jimmy_m on 2012-09-05

Pros: Vibe, Location, Professionalism, Services
Cons: Sometimes there are mosquitos at night.

Disclaimer: this review is primarily for new/aspiring jumpers.

I just got my class a license this summer at SkyDance, and I can't imagine a place would have been much better to do it. The staff are great, and I met great jumpers that I was lucky enough to jump with! The vibe is very relaxed, professional, and safe. Experienced jumpers were always happy to help out, do gear checks, and discuss things with you. Some jumpers even *volunteered* to review safety and gear check with me on the way up for my first solo jumps - they were all very positive and encouraging! The location is beautiful and the weather is great most of the year. It's an awesome place to spend your weekends, and you can even camp out!

I did three tandem dives here over the years before I had the money to go for a license, and my instructors were JP (now at Spaceland), Charlie Brown, and Tom - all of them were different, but each experience was great! I felt like everyone had a handle on everything, and the thorough level of safety information had me feeling confident from the ground, to the sky, and back again.

My student experience was solid - I had instructors and coaches Kim, Brett, Karl, Jackson, Neil, Charlie Brown, Noah, Eyal, and Douminique. I felt like all of my instructors and coaches were looking out for my best interest. I started with Kim on my FJC and it couldn't have been better! He was extremely thorough with everything from basic safety to malfunctions, dive flow, practice PLF's, radio, and even things like how a three-ring system works so you understand what's going on if you need to cut away. We did a lot of physical practice and rehearsal to make sure the dive went smoothly.

Regarding the comments on hostily and mistakes in AFF (dman415, Rickgarner2000) - my experience was completely different. I'd like to know more about what dman415 faced. I didn't make it through AFF without messing anything up, but the only time I was berated in public and/or gossiped about was when I botched up a landing pattern, putting other jumpers at additional risk. As for my other memorable mistakes in AFF and beyond - my instructors wanted me to go to a wind tunnel between jumps B and C because they were uncomfortable letting go of me in free fall. They made an excellent decision! I got the pull signal on cat C because my altimeter was wonky, so we discussed what happened in the air, and my instructors saw what was going on. I didn't pass my Category F coach jump (tracking), so my coach showed me video from his helmet cam, explained to me how to improve, and discussed with me the dangers of poor tracking in group jumps. I went out, did a few practice dives, improved tremendously, and passed the jump later. Never did I feel that any instructor was being rude, out of line, hostile, or looking out for anything other than my safety as an aspiring jumper.

If you're nearby and looking for a place to start jumping, SkyDance is where it's at. You even get a free jump ticket when you bring in a tandem, so when your friends stop chickening out you can ride up in the plane with them for free!

(Review ID:7594)

great place to jump!

SkyDance SkyDiving Rated 5 by: ALK827 on 2011-12-05

Pros: very friendly staff, awesome fun jumpers/coaches, aircraft (PAC 750XL), spacious landing area
Cons: can't think of any!

I have jumped at 7 dz's since I started jumping in Feb, and of those, Skydance is my favorite. The staff and fun jumpers are generally very friendly, happy people and have a great attitude. Coaches are top notch and very professional, and as a beginner jumper I have had the privilege of jumping with and learning from very skilled/talented people who are regulars here. Anytime I have had questions/ concerns, or needed help with my gear, there were always experienced jumpers or staff available to help and check things out for me, even on very busy days. I bought a friend out for a tandem and she had an awesome time; felt very confident in the staff and gear after the class instruction. Overall,awesome dz.
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