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Explore Free Fall

Average Rating: 4.80
4.80 out of 5 based on 5 user reviews

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Franklin Flying Field
Lat: 39.4244918622502
Lng: -86.0615086555481

3477 S. 200 E.
Franklin, Indiana 46131
United States

317-560-IFLY  (8384 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-10-26
Three Cessna 182's

Training: AFF, S/L, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 290 USD
S/L: 175 USD
Tandem: 190 USD
Video: 70 USD
Jump Ticket: 20 USD to 10500 ft


Explore Free Fall is the latest creation from a consortium of skydiving instructors in central Indiana. Our instructors bring decades of experience into our training methods. Once you've experienced Explore Free Fall (aka EF2) you will know why our student base grows every year. We look forward to jumping with you soon!


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Great place to jump or just hang out!

Explore Free Fall Rated 5 by: PurduePara on 2010-11-15

Pros: Awesome atmosphere, top notch staff, cheap lift tickets.
Cons: I'm having a hard time coming up with any.

EF2 is an all-around great DZ. The staff is extremely professional and takes a real interest in everyone from students through the most experienced jumpers. Very laid back atmosphere, even on rainy days you're likely to find a dozen folks hanging out just because. The owner definitely isn't in the business for the money, lift tickets are very reasonably priced. I'd recommend it to anyone!
(Review ID:6113)

best place to learn to jump in Indiana, great vibe

Explore Free Fall Rated 4 by: Croc on 2010-02-13

Pros: excellent for students, jumper friendly vibe
Cons: bathroom crying for an upgrade, no turbine

The laid-back Cessna DZ with the best staff in the midwest. The three 182's are kept in great shape (the DZO is an FAA mechanic). Fun jumpers will love it here--no cliques, everyone is welcome. There's even a bunch of Crew dogs who are always looking for someone else to run into. First timers can be assured that their safety and enjoyment are foremost in their instructor's mind. Don't like the student program at the "other" DZ? Transfers welcome! These guys will treat you right.
(Review ID:5579)

Best midwest dz. Period. Enough said.

Explore Free Fall Rated 5 by: kmills0705 on 2010-01-29

Pros: What a drop zone should be! Everyone is important here from first time jumpers to those with thousands of jumps!
Cons: Who needs a stinkin turbine?!

Explore Freefall in Franklin Indiana is exactly what a drop zone should be. Those who are new to the sport may not appreciate the "old time" vibe this drop zone has. It is the vibe drop zones had before the days of turbines and tandem factory type drop zones where the ultimate goal was great times both in the air and on the ground. The people here don't want you to do a tandem and send you on your way. They want to share their extreme passion, love and enthusiasm for the sport of skydiving. The goal is to educate, teach and instill the love of this sport into future generations.

What will you get here that you won't at a larger drop zone? Student jumpers will get personal attention without the "hurry up and jump" attitude. Experienced jumpers will get on load after load after load all day long with 3 airplanes flying from sun up to sun down. Everyone will experience a sense of family when the sun goes down and the beer light comes on.

Explore Freefall is the drop zone everyone needs to come and experience!

(Review ID:5563)

A life changing experience!

Explore Free Fall Rated 5 by: freeflyer71 on 2010-01-22

Pros: People, Atmosphere, Professionalism
Cons: I can't think of any.

I began skydiving at another DZ, but from the first time I visited Franklin, I knew I had found my true home DZ. The owner and staff are amazing. They are always willing to assist you, and are interested in how you are progressing, both as a student, and as a person in life. They remember your name, and do as much as they can to make you feel at home. It is more of a big skydiving family than just a dropzone. I like the area as well. There are plenty of places for safe outs, and a truck that will always be there to get you. The pilots have lots of experience in flying jumpers, and are skydivers themselves. I highly recommend coming for a visit! You may not want to leave either!
(Review ID:5553)

Great & friendly

Explore Free Fall Rated 5 by: gmalanoski1 on 2010-01-16

Pros: Knowledgable friendly staff
Cons: None yet

The past year has had so many unexpected twists. Having the opportunity to experience skydiving with the fine people at Franklin has brought not only me, but my whole family great joy!
(Review ID:5546)