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Saratoga Skydiving Adventures

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Herber Airpark (K30)
Lat: 43.1817103416816
Lng: -73.635048866272

288 Brownville Rd
Gansevoort, New York 12381
United States

(518) 895-8140
(518) 895 8414 (fax)  (6318 Hits)

Last Updated: 2014-07-05
2- Cessna 182's

Training: AFF, S/L, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 375 USD
S/L: 275 USD
Tandem: 275 USD
Video: 125 USD
Jump Ticket: 30 USD to 9000 ft


Located at Heber Airport adjacent to Airway Meadows Golf course and restaurant. 15 minutes to Glen Falls, 35 to Lake George, 20 minutes from Saratoga Springs. Air conditioned hangar and packing lessons available.


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Coaches
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Bunkhouse
  • Camping
  • Showers

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STAY AWAY! I was sexually assaulted by my tandem flyer, Robert Ames. This was a truly traumatic expe

Saratoga Skydiving Adventures Rated 1 by: excalibur1111 on 2016-08-22

Pros: not much
Cons: was sexually assaulted, then never got my video or refund

My sister and I have been waiting all our lives to go skydiving and finally the day arrived. We signed up for the video package because we are in a band together and were planning to use the video footage as a music video. Robert Ames was my tandem flyer at Saratoga Skydiving Adventures and at first he seemed very friendly, funny and good natured. We joked around about my name and my hair and my crazy outfit and this was all totally fine. Then his jokes started to become a little more flirtatious. He told me how much of a cutie I was, how beautiful I was, etc. At this point, I still wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and shrugged off his comments as good-natured and not crossing any lines and playfully joked back. As soon as we got in the plane, the comments continued. I playfully brought up that I had a boyfriend and also jokingly asked him if he said this to everyone he jumped with and if this was his way of trying to pick up girls.

He admitted that he had hooked up with a couple people he had jumped with, but that I was special and "it's not everyday you get a hot blonde like you" and this and that. As he was pulling my straps tighter to him, he went a step further saying that he liked my smell-- I told him my hair was dirty so it couldn't be shampoo-- he clarified "the way your body smells". As much as I tried to keep things light and in the joking zone, I was beginning to feel genuinely uncomfortable.

I felt in a very vulnerable position-- Here I was 2 miles in the air in a tiny plane strapped onto this strange man I barely knew and about to entrust my entire life with him. Part of me wanted to confront him right then and there, but I also felt like I was in a very tough position because I didn't want to say anything that might upset him or make the entire jumping experience more awkward (or potentially dangerous) than it already was. I bit my tongue and tried to just concentrate on staring out the window and mentally preparing myself for my first ever jump. In the air, everything seemed to go smoothly.

When we landed however, he almost immediately put his hand down my shirt and felt my ***** "Whoa!" I exclaimed. "Did my shirt just fly up or something?" I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, that maybe something was wrong and he was adjusting my clothing for me. Instead, he said "No, but I would love to see your titties," then asked me to give him a kiss.

I felt incredibly uncomfortable, and honestly pretty upset that after this totally life-altering experience that I couldn't just be happy and savor the moment and not feel like I was being taken advantage of. I told him again that I had a boyfriend and refused to kiss him on the lips. When my sister landed, we all took a group photo and he reached down and touched my ***** As we said goodbye he pulled me in for a hug, but instead I tried to get away with just a quick peck on the cheek to get him to leave me alone. Before I realized what was happening, he turned his face so that my lips hit his lips and before I knew it he was forcibly kissing me.

I immediately pulled away and told him he tricked me and that was a total accident, but he just gloated about it. I wanted to report him to the owner, Bob, but honestly he creeped me out as well and even grabbed my sister's ***** when we were taking a photo with him. Later that night, I sent an email to the company detailing everything I wrote about here. They weren't the least bit apologetic and instead told me that they would be taking "actions that may affect whether or not you receive your video. If you haven't received your video by Thursday please contact us by email with your credit card number for a refund of your video."

The entire jump was taped on gopros, and we bought a package deal that included getting the video footage edited to a song of our choice. The video, naturally, could be used as evidence to back up my claims. Of course, Thursday rolled around and I still hadn't received my video. I wrote them back demanding a refund of not only the video, but of the entire jump. They have not given me either. We were going to use the footage for a music video, and since my footage is still being withheld, we cannot complete the music video. The fact that this is the way a company deals with sexual harassment and sexual assault is horrifying.

(Review ID:9142)

Had first tandem here and decided to do student program. Im now working towards my B licence

Saratoga Skydiving Adventures Rated 5 by: driversix on 2015-10-05

Pros: The instructors are great and everyone is extremely helpful
Cons: None

The instructor that was the cause of some of the poor reviews on past has been let go. The instructors that now work at dz are awesome. Everyone there is extremely friendly and you will have an amazing time. Tandems rarely have to wait unless the weather is bad. Experienced jumpers usually can get on a tandem load and if not there are plenty of local fun jumpers who will gladly come out to make a jump with you
(Review ID:8924)

Never again

Saratoga Skydiving Adventures Rated 1 by: Esc01 on 2015-07-31

Pros: None
Cons: Rough landings

The student before me had a rough landing. It should have been a sign.
Instructor came in too fast and at the wrong angle. Ended up with a fractured vertebrae. 6-8 weeks in a back brace and hopefully full recovery in 3 months. Lost 3 weeks of work. Hopefully no permanent damage. Lucky I was paralyzed.
Wish I had read some of these reviews before jumping here.
Never again!

(Review ID:8838)

Lack of skill can't be compensated for with a large ego

Saratoga Skydiving Adventures Rated 4 by: stonecolddude on 2014-05-30

Pros: Great planes. New gear.
Cons: Whining bitchy new fun jumpers

In response to the previous review. The individual that posted has less than 50 jumps Shows up at the dz with the same old new jumper mentality coupled with a fresh commission in the Navy On his FIRST jump he exits the plane over half a mile past the spot only to open low (about 2000 ft) and lands off the DZ. He WAS taken aside and given a stern warning not to do so again. Sorry that you had to wait a whole hour to go up on another jump on your subsequent visit Poor thing. Guess you've never had to wait to make a jump before. As for the altitude you exited at. Well. Everyone else knew it was a hop n pop. Why didn't you ? As for making downwind landings. If you were taught the only "safe" landing is into the wind you have a big surprise coming Most likely in the form of an extended hospital stay or worse, the morgue. As for the practice "handle" you speak of. Know your role newbie. Once you get a rating then your opinion may count. But for now you're just another whining bitchy fun jumper that is having a tantrum because he didn't get his way. Go to the ranch and see what happens there when you pull the same things you have here. Your business is not welcome here "Matt". It egos like yours that we try and avoid because those are the ones mostly likely to be injured or killed Stop acting like a whiny child because you didnt get your way Best of luck
(Review ID:8501)

Take the hit in gas and go to ADK or the Ranch instead.

Saratoga Skydiving Adventures Rated 2 by: Duffimusprime on 2014-05-29

Pros: Close to Saratoga, open 7 days a week.
Cons: Unprofessional, cleanliness, wait time

Saratoga skydiving at first was going to be the DZ for me due to its close proximity. But as I went to the DZ a couple times to jump, I realized that I could not continue jumping here. The packing area is very small, and very dirty. The planes are old and in need of updating. If these 2 alone were fixed I might be able to go back as a fun jumper. Other issues I encountered were through their resident "expert" Jimmy. I received a lot of grief from Jimmy due to me opening low and landing off on my first jump at the DZ (which I did open low, I will admit that). But the week after, I waited around for an hour being told that the next load up was going to altitude, but never did. When we finally went up, only to 4.5k, I was on a load with a static line student where Jimmy was the instructor. Prior to the jump, he decided to get high. Apparently, he also does this with tandems. After his static jumped and then him, I did. After I pulled and started making my way back, he landed downwind, when he didn't need to. I was always told that landing downwind was a serious no-no, and still maintain that mentality. On top of all this, the student who was doing the static line jumps, did at least seven jumps as a static line, and almost failed the jump that I witnessed, based solely on the fact that the practice puller fell out in the plane, that Jimmy made 3 minutes before the plane took off because he forgot. All in all, don't go here. I am really surprised they have been in business so long. They are unsafe, unprofessional, and not fun to be around. Wait until the weekend and go to Adirondack Skydiving adventures, or take the hit in gas and go to the ranch instead. I will not be visiting Saratoga again unless I hear that Jimmy has left.
(Review ID:8500)

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