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Dropzone: Europe: Netherlands: NPCT - Nationaal ParaCentrum Teuge

NPCT - Nationaal ParaCentrum Teuge

Average Rating: 3.83
3.83 out of 5 based on 6 user reviews

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Teuge Airport (EHTE)
Lat: 52.2447248016297
Lng: 6.04668617248535

De Zanden 11d
Teuge, 7395 PA

+31-(0)55-3231603 (fax)  (8339 Hits)

Last Updated: 2010-05-04
2x C-208B Grand Caravan

Training: AFF, S/L, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Not Required

AFF: 1325 EUR
S/L: 420 EUR
Tandem: 185 EUR
Video: 110 EUR
Jump Ticket: 25 EUR to 13000 ft


The National Skydiving Centre was established by a joint venture between the KNVvL and the Teuge skydiving centre in 1985, to provide a full time skydiving centre in The Netherlands. Since then it has been a succes and is located in the most beautifull building for skydiving in Europe.

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  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Team Rooms
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Accuracy Tuffet
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Bar
  • Bunkhouse
  • RV Hookups
  • Camping
  • Showers

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Proceed with caution!

NPCT - Nationaal ParaCentrum Teuge Rated 1 by: David.rose11 on 2013-06-10

Pros: Scenery!
Cons: Arrogant "sky god" attitude from the staff

I arrived here with a fellow fun jumper on a day that was rather windy but we decided to drive up and see how it looked when we arrived. The lady behind the manifest counter was super nice and very helpful.

The issues began when we asked about the wind limits, cloud base etc. several male staffers laughed like it was the stupidest question they had ever heard. One of them even declared in a very know all tone "weather has no bearing on skydiving". We found the over all attitude and arrogance (except for the lady at manifest) combined with their view on jumping in high winds was enough to turn away from this DZ for good.

It must be amazing to work at this DZ and think you know everything and that no one else is as good as you!

(Review ID:7966)


NPCT - Nationaal ParaCentrum Teuge Rated 4 by: eric164 on 2012-08-16

Pros: The peeps at this DZ are big time pros and cool from the top to bottom.
Cons: PITA to get there by public transpo and the weather, but hey it's Holland.

I have jumped this DZ many times and can say everyone from Simon (the Boss) to the packers and hospitality staff (de Wolk) totally rock. If you are a fun jumper trying to squeeze in a couple of drops after getting bored in Amsterdam....this is the place. The rental gear is top notch. NPCT has gear and next door is the Parachute Case....a full service rental house and rigger on duty pretty much all day. you can reserve a dorm room bunk very easy and cheap thru Werner. He runs De Wolk, the on site manager for food, drink and merriment. (tell him Eric from NY sent you and I get a free beer next time I am there!).
Like every DZ there are cliques.....and so what, screw it. The Dutch can be very friendly, so make friends and you'll find someone or three to turn points with.
The cultural make up of the DZ is diverse...Dutch, English, German and an occasional Yank. There will be many tongues spoken there, besides the Dutch speak better english then most native english speakers!
as far as jumper disciplines...everyone is represented...
you wanna freefly? got it. Belly? done. CRW? there are some world record holders on staff here! Static Line? your choice of canopy..square AND round! yes, rounds...Pathfinder Parachute Group run round canopy courses here several times a year...for those that dare.
once again, I have jumped NPCT many times, but I felt welcome the first time I was there. They aren't a USPA DZ but bring your card, proof of insurance and log book and you'll be on a load in no time.
Blue Skies.

(Review ID:7553)

CF Spectacle in Teuge rocks!

NPCT - Nationaal ParaCentrum Teuge Rated 5 by: StefB on 2005-08-08

Pros: No attitude, very good infrastructure
Cons: none

I visited Teuge several times for the famous CF Spectacle. Each time the visit was a pleasure.

There were friendly LOs and coaches, nice people, professional staff and pilots with a Grand Caravan and additional aircraft C206 or Caravan when nessessary.

I selected free camping, but i could have a bunkhouse style room too. Good food and drinks (Heineken) was available in the skydiver pub "De Wolk". Hey i even could wash my clothes before departure there.

OK, the weather in Netherlands sometimes suck, but these people are very good in spotting the next blue hole in the sky!

CU 2006 again!

(Review ID:2484)


NPCT - Nationaal ParaCentrum Teuge Rated 4 by: russell71 on 2004-08-10

Pros: Large plane and landing area, very professional
Cons: This is a business first and a club second

I choose Teuge because it is about 20 minutes from where I live. I had visited other drop zones and chose Teuga because of the professional and safe feeling it gave me, and of course it's proximity!

I was not disapointed with my choice, the staff were very helpful and knowledgable.

(Review ID:1708)


NPCT - Nationaal ParaCentrum Teuge Rated 5 by: ajbond on 2003-11-19

Pros: Very friendly and helpful
Cons: none

A great dropzone, I just turned up got through the paperwork and validation to jump. Briefed, and hired the gear from the kit store (first class)

Had a great jump (first non-home DZ jump)

All staff and club members were very helpful and friendly.

(Review ID:1199)

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