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Dropzone: South America: Chile: A Skydive Andes - paracaidismo en Chile

A Skydive Andes - paracaidismo en Chile

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Los Cuatro Diablos (Chinihue (SCME)
Lat: -33.6775327579148
Lng: -71.1095237731934

Rosario Norte 39

+56.9.9129.5519  (7748 Hits)

Last Updated: 2008-09-07
Comp Air 8 Turbine

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Not Required

Tandem: 180000 CLP
Jump Ticket: 25000 CLP to 18000 ft


Skydive Andes is a club of professional skydivers in Santiago, Chile, South America. We produce skydiving videos for TV, perform skydiving exhibitions for special events, offer tandem jumps and student instruction (AFF - accelerated free fly method).

New turboprop airplane [Comp Air 8: 11 minutes to 13000 with 6 skydivers, "oxygen jumps" available to 18,000], and professional management by full-time professional skydivers (Skydive Andes) make this friendly club a top choice for skydiving in South America. Beautiful country location a short 45 minute drive from Santiago (on the way to the beach), with easy access to the nearby Andes mountains. Close to beaches, mountains, city. Transportation & accommodations readily available for any budget.

Skydive Andes es un club de paracaidistas profesionales saltando en Chiñihue, cerca de Santiago, Chile, Sudamérica. Ofrecen producciones de paracaidismo para vídeo y televisión, eventos especiales, tandems y cursos para alumnos (AFF - accelerated free fly).


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Team Rooms
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Bar
  • Bunkhouse
  • Camping
  • Showers

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Quite nice dropzone which is reachable by bus within 60 minutes from Santiago

A Skydive Andes - paracaidismo en Chile Rated 5 by: xerofun on 2012-12-04

Pros: Very nice dropzone and great view
Cons: No insurance available for rental equipment in case of a cut away, not really easy to get to and almost no feedback on e

I'm a solo jumper. This drop zone is a charm once you are there and sky diving is going on. It's just hard to find, if you are not from around there and there's no information about which days there is sky diving going on. In case you are going to jump there: Friday the manifest is there from around 2pm and once enough sky divers are there, the first load is going, which was around 4pm when I was there. Saturday and Sundays are quite croweded, the rest of the week there's no sky diving.

Before getting there, I tried to reach these guys via email and even tried a spanish translation via google translate, which should be understandable, even if it's not perfect. I only got one mail back not even answering a single of my questions just saying something like "we looking forward to meeting you" and that's it. When I got to Chile I send another few emails to ask these questions, but none of them ever got responded.

So I just took the chance and drove there with my rental car on a Thursday. The Canadian Pilot was the only one there showing me around and telling me everything I needed to know.

Be careful when renting equipment. It's quite solid and they have AADs. On my fourth jump I had a cut away, because of what seemed to be a packing mistake (line throwover). I didn't pack the parachute my self, but let it handle an experienced packer. There's no insurance, so anything lost when you have a cut away, you will have to pay in full. Luckily with some help we found the missing free bag on the second day in the crop field next to the drop zone, so I had to pay nothing.

The staff is very nice and helpful. Some do speak english, like Macarena at the manifest.

The plane is an experimental one, built out of a kit. You will have to sign a 5 page liability waiver, which also has information about the plane, so you know what you are up to.

(Review ID:7739)

A must do DZ!!

A Skydive Andes - paracaidismo en Chile Rated 5 by: johngrant on 2012-01-08

Pros: Quick plane, well run, plenty of kit to hire, amazing views
Cons: little hard to get to

Nice little dz set around the mountains. They were very good with information when I emailed, and when I turned up were very professional and friendly. Good DZ orientation and brief. Plenty of kit to hire, in various sizes. Canteen and bunk house. They even tried to move me up the manifest as I was only there for one day (which they did) plenty of free flyers more than happy for you to jump with them too. Perfect
(Review ID:6984)


A Skydive Andes - paracaidismo en Chile Rated 1 by: stellino74 on 2011-03-24

Pros: BAD
Cons: BAD

Very unpolite person, so cold..And if you jump one day time it's ok, but if you wanna jump again you have to pay 250.000 pesos for a club card where you don't no about that more 150.000 pesos for year...It's not a true jump club like every part of world. IT'S NOT A GOLF CLUB...
(Review ID:6281)

Just a Perfect Drop Zone

A Skydive Andes - paracaidismo en Chile Rated 5 by: Kucri on 2010-12-01

Pros: Great People, Fast Plane, the best pilot ever, Lot of fun, really pro instructors.
Cons: Nothing really important.

This is a great drop zone, with 7,5 hectares of green grass and a good packing area. You can jump waching the pacifico and andes at the same time. close to the Capital, Santiago, have a good weather during almost all year round. the people is friendly and the instructors have a ton of experience.

if you are in Chile this is the dropzone you must be.

(Review ID:6132)

One amazing DZ, good facilities, great people, nice jumpship.

A Skydive Andes - paracaidismo en Chile Rated 5 by: Navarrete7 on 2010-05-19

Pros: Great People. Beautiful DZ. Amazing Sunset Jumps! Excellent Weather.
Cons: None.

"Los Cuatro Diablos" airfield in Chiñihue, Chile, better known as Skydive Andes is one awesome DZ. The people are very friendly and accommodating. It has a beautiful grass strip runway with no other traffic around. Close to Santiago and the beaches it provides for some amazing sunset jumps, with the sun setting on the Pacific and the Andean Mountain ranges seemingly lit on fire towards the east. They've got plenty of gear to rent if need be. Their jump ship has got one of the coolest paint jobs around too... If you are ever in Chile you've got to hit these guys up! They've got a great thing going down there.
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