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Sin City Skydiving

Average Rating: 4.39
4.39 out of 5 based on 38 user reviews

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Jean Sport Aviation Center (0L7)
Lat: 35.7719224356086
Lng: -115.329805612564

23600 S Las Vegas Blvd
Jean, Nevada 89019
United States

702-300-8508  (7296 Hits)

Last Updated: 2015-10-02
2 Cessna 206

Training: , Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Forbidden

USPA Membership: Required




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First tandem jump! AFF

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By far the best place to jump in Vegas!

Sin City Skydiving Rated 5 by: Vertflyer1989 on 2012-08-12

Pros: Cool Instructors and great staff!
Cons: nothing to complain about : )

I have made several Tandem skydives in the past in Vegas . I have jumped at every skydiving company in town and I have found that Sin City Skydiving is by far the best place to do a jump! The instructors are all down to earth really cool people to jump with. They are REAL with you. They treat you as if you were a good friend rather than a paying customer. I recommend Sin City Skydiving to anyone out there looking to make there 1st skydive . I will be back to jump every year ! Thanks again Sin City Skydiving for making this experience by far the best it can be!
(Review ID:7547)

skydiving was the funnest thing i have ever done.

Sin City Skydiving Rated 5 by: supersteve on 2012-08-10

Pros: friendly, fun, great people, two aircraft
Cons: other skydiving business in same building is very rude and unfriendly

let me start by saying this company is awsome, after reading the waiver i will say i was a little scared, but after dawn asigned us our instructors we got suited up and we went over every thing that was going to happen, that made me feel a little better. we took off and rick talked to me on the flight up and really took my mind off of what we are doing, that was relaxing. we got to 15,000 ft and it was my turn so we opened the door of the plane and sat in the door and watched my two friends jump out of the plane next to us (That was The Collest thing i have ever seen) after my friends went we waited for a what seemed for ever in that door then we went, O'man Alive what a feeling. the free fall took what seemed like forever and the parachute ride was to short. that was the best thing i have ever done and will do again. After the jump we talked to our instructors about the jump and rick told us that we did a formation load with two airplanes (man that was cool) the staff invited us to hang out after jumping was done and get dinner with them. that was nice. Thank you Sin City Skydiving for taking me to the next level. I got the video and pictures and they turned out perfect. I will never forget that jump ever. Thank you Rick and Sin City Skydiving, you really give a great experience i will tell all my people to go with you and ask for the formation plane skydive. I cant say it enough that was amazing thank you
(Review ID:7538)

Lied to about the jump altitude. Shabby aircraft and an inexperienced instructor.

Sin City Skydiving Rated 2 by: Swift_Bold on 2012-08-09

Pros: Great desert scenery.
Cons: The Lies about altitude! The vintage looking equipment! A plane that has less performance than a hair dryer.

You've got to be kidding right? I initially thought this company was a joke when I arrived at the facility based at Jean Airport some 15 miles south of Las Vegas. Reading some of the reviews here I can understand how it's possible to have had an average experience at best. The main thing I found offensive was the promise of 45 seconds of free fall. On the way up I was interested to speak to the instructor about how high we were and what altitude we would jump from. Well the truth of the matter is that the plane was unable to go higher than 8,500 ft. The reality of the situation is that we got about 15 seconds of free fall time as opposed to the 45 that was promised. The next issue I had was the conditions that we were jumping in. The desert gets quite windy with the extreme heat and the instructor seemed concerned with this after he opened the chute up. Well it just so happened that even when the parachute opened we were still going up higher! Is that suppossed to happen? Or does that mean the conditions are just too strong for parachute related activities? Well after some weeks I signed up for my USPA AFF course at Perris Ca. It seems to me with the knowledge I have now acquired since my tandem it would appear such conditions are not safe for taking tandems up! People have got hurt jumping with such conditions. If I would have known about this risk before hand I would never have jumped at that time. What is more disappointing is that this operation thought it was ok to push the limits and take the risks which would indicate that they are only interested about the money and not the safety or welfare of the people who go and do tandems there.
(Review ID:7537)

Fun little dropzone, that went out of their way to make our vacation awesome!!!

Sin City Skydiving Rated 5 by: l43psr on 2012-08-08

Pros: Went out of their way to cater to fun jumpers
Cons: limited amount of jumps in a day, tandem oriented

You guys rocked thank you for going out of your way to hook up some fun jumpers with some awesome jumps. Very classy!!! ONLY drop zone in the Vegas area worth contacting. It is true this is not a fun jumper dropzone that being said they are making a very heartfelt attempt at catering towards everyone including fun jumpers. They split the tandems so we could get on two loads on a very busy day. Again thanks a ton guys!!!
(Review ID:7536)

Vegas Desert Diving at it's best

Sin City Skydiving Rated 4 by: coldsteel on 2011-12-11

Pros: Great staff, close to Vegas, sexy clients
Cons: They cater to Tandems, not fun jumpers

I checked out this DZ when I was in Vegas earlier this year. Given that it is your standard Tandem oriented paracenter, the staff was remarkably friendly to the two of us. I enjoyed rubbing elbows with some of their clients on board the aircraft- I think they were some sexy Vegas showgirls with fantastic anatomy- and the skydiving was just great as well. I was not pleased with their paracenter business competitors on the same DZ...stay away from those guys! I stayed at Gold Strike hotel/casino right next door @ $45/night, had a great time in the casino and at the bar/dining room. They gave me coupons for a room and meal discount. Well worth the 30 min drive from Vegas.
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