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Start Skydiving

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Middletown Regional Airport (KMWO)
Lat: 39.5308567431747
Lng: -84.3952560424805

1711 Run Way
Middletown, Ohio 45042-2300
United States

(513) 422-5867  (29021 Hits)

Last Updated: 2017-01-18
Two Cessna Caravans, a fast-climbing Cessna 206 with a lexan jump door, two Robinson R44 Helicopters, and our very own Hot Air Balloon

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 269 USD
Tandem: 99 USD
Video: 75 USD
Jump Ticket: 18 USD to 14000 ft


Start Skydiving is one the top five largest and fastest growing drop-zones in the world and the home of the Work Stinks! Boogie. We also create more new skydivers than any other drop-zone in the world through the professional services of JUMP Institute, which staffs over 60+ professional personnel that are all dedicated to providing you with the best training in the world.

Visit Start Skydiving's drop-zone located at the Middletown Regional Airport in Middletown, Ohio! Start Skydiving's drop-zone location in Middletown features a 1.15 mile long runway that can support extra-large aircraft for special events, more than 23,000+ sq ft of hangar space, over 600+ acres of obstacle/turbulence-free soft cut sod to land on, free world-class coaching in all disciplines from world-renown professional skydiving team, Team Fastrax, as well as numerous amenities such as our patented online self-manifesting system, indoor padded and carpeted packing areas, paid packing services, clean showers and restrooms, an RV park and campgrounds with a bonfire pit, free Wi-Fi, an ATM, a huge family park right next-door, and over ten restaurants and hotels within less than a half of a mile away.

If you have jumped with us before, we appreciate you sharing your experience with us by submitting a review, as your feedback is what allows us to more effectively focus our continual efforts in providing you with excellent service.

If you have not jumped with us before, then what are you waiting for?! Come see for yourself why we are the number one rated drop-zone in the world and... START SKYDIVING!


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Extraordinary Experience

Start Skydiving Rated 5 by: laurahrns on 2016-10-30

Pros: Professionalism and Friendliness
Cons: None

Enjoyed my experience with Lonnie Kirk!
(Review ID:9191)

Great time and very professional

Start Skydiving Rated 5 by: tstpeter on 2016-10-20

Pros: Motivated TI/Cameramen, Atmosphere
Cons: Distance from house

Phil/Gila/Adam/and Rob were great. They took care of my son and I on our Father Son first jump. Thanks guys. It was awesome because you all made it so.
(Review ID:9187)

Five stars, loved it!

Start Skydiving Rated 5 by: Smith493 on 2016-10-08

Pros: Great price, friendly and passionate staff, fun atmosphere, large open area to hang out and suit up, could watch skydive
Cons: I guess it would be cool if there were more restrooms downstairs in the check-in area, but really I am just writing this

Today was my first time skydiving, and although I have no basis for comparison, I know that it would be nearly impossible to beat the experience that I had at Start Skydiving in Middleton, OH. I was with a group of eight, traveling from Indianapolis, IN. We received a discounted price (IN resident special) of $129 each on a Saturday, which is $90 cheaper than the drop zone closest to Indy.

Now, I was initially a bit concerned about the idea of discount skydiving, and I thought, "maybe I should pay a premium price for something like this?" ...Especially after signing an extensive liability waiver to a business using equipment manufactured by a company called "Uninsured United Parachute Technologies, LLC." So if you are reading this and happen to have these same concerns, I just want you to know, you can stop worrying. Just go.

Shout out to Lonnie Kirk, the tandem instructor I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of jumping with--everyone I went with felt the same way about each of their instructors, but Lonnie was the best and I'll tell you why:
I got the video and picture package (I ended up upgrading to the rock star package because I knew it would be worth it after I finished... and I was right). Anyways, I have really long hair, that I French braided into pigtails to keep it from slapping me in the face. My plan worked out well, it was not an issue at all for me. However, I didn't realize (until I got back and saw my pics and video) that my hair was aggressively attacking my instructors face while I was having the time of my life and he continued to take pictures of me and pose with me for the photographer that jumped with us. I mean, that's pretty amazing. And I can't remember the photographer's name (maybe Matt?) but I am extremely impressed with the pictures and video and his ability to remain so close to us while we were free falling... I'm just in awe of the skill level and ease that both of them had; it made me feel incredibly secure and I never hesitated or doubted my safety because they were such professionals.
After the parachute opened, the trip to the ground was also pretty cool--Lonnie let me steer for a bit, and then he spun us around like a roller coaster. It's honestly the most peaceful and gratifying thing, to float around in the sky, but it's impossible to put into words how powerful it really is.

I was initially a little bit worried about the landing and how that works, because it's weird to think of the logistics of two people landing from the sky at the same time while they're connected to each other--but it was easy and natural. It was a pretty windy day, I believe 14 mph winds with gusts up to 17 mph, but I was there at the hangar area for about 4 hours, I saw numerous heats of skydivers, and none of the tandem landings were anything but incredibly graceful.

Anyways--My group and I have already planned to go back to Start Skydiving in the spring; and I'm excited to have found a new hobby. My goal next year will be to jump solo. Thank you, Start Skydiving, for the opportunity to experience skydiving for the first time in the hands of professionals, and thank you Lonnie (and photographer) for the making my first jump so memorable. I can't wait for next time!

(Review ID:9184)

I reccomend it!

Start Skydiving Rated 5 by: BNoel on 2016-10-05

Pros: Amazing and personable staff
Cons: I wasn't prepared for how cold it was up in the air

I was super excited to finally go skydiving! I jumped with Lonnie and he was awesome! Everybody was super nice and friendly and made me feel as comfortable as possible knowing I was jumping out of a plane very soon! The video/photographer was amazing and tried to make me look as good as possible!
(Review ID:9180)

Start skydiving is the #1 place to jump for your first time!

Start Skydiving Rated 5 by: norrish on 2016-10-04

Pros: My guide
Cons: N/A

Lonnie was so helpful, he made my jump super exciting & helped me with breathing exercises before hand. I never thought I would jump out of and airplane, and I am so pumped it was with a crew as exciting as the one I was with! Thanks staff!
(Review ID:9179)

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