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Start Skydiving

Average Rating: 4.95
4.95 out of 5 based on 697 user reviews

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Middletown Regional Airport (KMWO)
Lat: 39.5308567431747
Lng: -84.3952560424805

1711 Run Way
Middletown, Ohio 45042-2300
United States

(513) 422-5867  (16035 Hits)

Last Updated: 2014-03-04
Two Cessna Caravans, a fast-climbing Cessna 206 with a lexan jump door, two Robinson R44 Helicopters, and our very own Hot Air Balloon

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 285 USD
Tandem: 129 USD
Video: 85 USD
Jump Ticket: 23 USD to 14000 ft


Start Skydiving is one the top five largest and fastest growing drop-zones in the world and the home of the Work Stinks! Boogie. We also create more new skydivers than any other drop-zone in the world through the professional services of JUMP Institute, which staffs over 60+ professional personnel that are all dedicated to providing you with the best training in the world.

Visit Start Skydiving's drop-zone located at the Middletown Regional Airport in Middletown, Ohio! Start Skydiving's drop-zone location in Middletown features a 1.15 mile long runway that can support extra-large aircraft for special events, more than 23,000+ sq ft of hangar space, over 600+ acres of obstacle/turbulence-free soft cut sod to land on, free world-class coaching in all disciplines from world-renown professional skydiving team, Team Fastrax, as well as numerous amenities such as our patented online self-manifesting system, indoor padded and carpeted packing areas, paid packing services, clean showers and restrooms, an RV park and campgrounds with a bonfire pit, free Wi-Fi, an ATM, a huge family park right next-door, and over ten restaurants and hotels within less than a half of a mile away.

If you have jumped with us before, we appreciate you sharing your experience with us by submitting a review, as your feedback is what allows us to more effectively focus our continual efforts in providing you with excellent service.

If you have not jumped with us before, then what are you waiting for?! Come see for yourself why we are the number one rated drop-zone in the world and... START SKYDIVING!


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2014-08-27 2014-09-01 Work Stinks! Boogie

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Absolutely wonderful experience

Start Skydiving Rated 5 by: viningbj on 2014-04-20

Pros: Fast Immediate Fun!
Cons: None

In and out was quick (less than 1.5 hours) from parking the car to landing on the ground with huge smiles on our faces. Jump instructors were all excellent, friendly, and encouraging. My personal jump instructor Brian was fantastic, and I would absolutely jump with him again. I will recommend Start Skydiving to all my friends. For an impulse decision that was made as we drove by, this was probably the best we ever had, great job!
(Review ID:8424)

First Jump

Start Skydiving Rated 5 by: schnaura on 2014-04-20

Pros: Everything about this experience
Cons: Nothing!

My tandem instructor was Dan P., and first off, he has the most amazing mustache! He was an excellent instructor for my first jump. I'm actually afraid of heights, which I didn't tell him until later, but he kept talking to me and showing me the beautiful views from the plane. He talked me through exactly what we were going to do, and I felt very safe and secure. After we jumped and he opened the chute, we did some turns and spins, and it was an incredible experience. The view was absolutely amazing. The whole event was so emotionally charging, and I would totally do this again. Thank you Dan P.!!
(Review ID:8423)

Just an awesome experience, made especially by Larry Compton who went above and beyond his basic job

Start Skydiving Rated 5 by: collhm5 on 2014-04-20

Pros: everything
Cons: None

Overall just an awesome experience, my friends and I all had an amazing time and were really impressed with the facility. what really made this experience even better for me was my tandem instructor Larry Compton he had back to back jumps and was basically running to get everything ready after his first, despite that he was still very organized and had me dressed out and ready to go before he started the double. After he got back even though we were running to catch the plane he still managed to break out the tiny go pro on his wrist do an in flight interview and catch some cool shots of the plane and it taking off. His enthusiasm about it and fun attitude went above and beyond what I thought was going to happen, especially since since all I did was buy the smallest camera package, but Larry made it much more than that by not only just shooting the dive like the description of the package said it would, but shooting random quick takes before and after the jump that made it a lot more personnel especially with the short amount of time he had.
(Review ID:8422)


Start Skydiving Rated 5 by: Aemoon on 2014-04-19

Pros: Once in a lifetime
Cons: None

I highly recommend skydiving at Start Skydiving. I had such a wonderful experience here. I had never been on an airplane let alone jumped out of one before. My instructor Gila was great! He was professional, friendly, and made me feel safe throughout the whole skydiving experience. I can't wait to come back and jump again!
(Review ID:8421)

Best experience

Start Skydiving Rated 5 by: pmhorn on 2014-04-19

Pros: They make skydiving for the first time easy
Cons: Hair may be messy afterwards

When we arrived we had to fill out a waiver (as expected) and then went back to a room where they showed us a video that gave us the basic risks, and what was going to happen. We then went over into another building where we waited maybe 5 minutes to meet our tandem partner. Ask for Dan P., he is the best. You will recognize him by his mustache and aviator sunglasses. They make you feel comfortable as they give you the suit and put the harness on you. They make sure that you know what is going on, and remind you again later (because at that point you will still be kind of phased by the whole experience if it is your first time). You get goggles and move on out to the plane. On the plane you are sitting backward right in front of the tandem partner. They make you feel comfortable by joking around with you, as you may or may not be nervous. Once you reach altitude people start to go, and tandem partners are willing to do flips and tricks if you are up for it. All and all, the experience is one that cannot be matched. I would try to describe the jump, but it is so awesome that I would feel as if I am ruining the experience. You fall for a good amount of time and then they pull the parachute and your tandem partner will let you steer if you are up for it! Landing is very easy as they do most of the work and will let you know if you are going to slide in or walk it in. Take pictures after for free or get a video of the experience you're willing to fork over the money in order to remember the experience forever.
(Review ID:8420)

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