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Start Skydiving

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Middletown Regional Airport (KMWO)
Lat: 39.5308567431747
Lng: -84.3952560424805

1711 Run Way
Middletown, Ohio 45042-2300
United States

(513) 422-5867  (19229 Hits)

Last Updated: 2014-03-04
Two Cessna Caravans, a fast-climbing Cessna 206 with a lexan jump door, two Robinson R44 Helicopters, and our very own Hot Air Balloon

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 285 USD
Tandem: 129 USD
Video: 85 USD
Jump Ticket: 23 USD to 14000 ft


Start Skydiving is one the top five largest and fastest growing drop-zones in the world and the home of the Work Stinks! Boogie. We also create more new skydivers than any other drop-zone in the world through the professional services of JUMP Institute, which staffs over 60+ professional personnel that are all dedicated to providing you with the best training in the world.

Visit Start Skydiving's drop-zone located at the Middletown Regional Airport in Middletown, Ohio! Start Skydiving's drop-zone location in Middletown features a 1.15 mile long runway that can support extra-large aircraft for special events, more than 23,000+ sq ft of hangar space, over 600+ acres of obstacle/turbulence-free soft cut sod to land on, free world-class coaching in all disciplines from world-renown professional skydiving team, Team Fastrax, as well as numerous amenities such as our patented online self-manifesting system, indoor padded and carpeted packing areas, paid packing services, clean showers and restrooms, an RV park and campgrounds with a bonfire pit, free Wi-Fi, an ATM, a huge family park right next-door, and over ten restaurants and hotels within less than a half of a mile away.

If you have jumped with us before, we appreciate you sharing your experience with us by submitting a review, as your feedback is what allows us to more effectively focus our continual efforts in providing you with excellent service.

If you have not jumped with us before, then what are you waiting for?! Come see for yourself why we are the number one rated drop-zone in the world and... START SKYDIVING!


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Great place for first time jumpers

Start Skydiving Rated 5 by: satsamsk on 2015-05-20

Pros: Friendly staff, Easy documentation procedures
Cons: -

I had my tandem sky diving today(5/20/15) with instructor Matt Harvey. The jumping experience is one of the most thrilling adventures I have ever had. Matt is very experienced and friendly. He ensured that I am aware of my little responsibilities and made sure my first jump went smooth. He is very appreciative of the little effort you put in to this whole jumping process.

The jumping gear appeared to be a bit old and were showing signs of their age.

My photographer (forgot her name. She's Brazilian) was also very cool and managed some really nice photos. Thanks to her as well

Overall, I would recommend Start Skydiving to anyone who wants to have a great first time experience.

(Review ID:8774)

Definitely going to be jumping many more times!

Start Skydiving Rated 5 by: louisG on 2015-05-19

Pros: Staff attitude, Wednesday pricing ($129), vibe, professionalism
Cons: none at all

I jumped for the first time on May 6th, 2015 and it was the first of many more to come. I brought along 4 other friends to jump but when we made reservations, we had to schedule at different times due to availability. That being said, the lady at the front desk put all of us onto the same jump- this was a pleasant surprise we noticed while waiting to suit up. We had a brief delay but it worked in our favor as we were able to jump right at sunset!

Anyways, I jumped with Lonnie Kirk and I couldn't imagine a better person to be with for my first skydive. He was funny, reassuring, and did a great job with the wrist pics and film. He did some sweet turns, too. If you have the opportunity to go tandem with him, you're going to have an exceptionally good time!

I got the Rock Star picture/video package and Mel did a fantastic job! I got 90 of the coolest pictures ever taken of me and I am so glad I got the video too. She's got a great vibe and is just a cool chick.

I had one of the best experiences of my life jumping with Lonnie and Mel. I have a history of dislocated shoulders and continue to have a very loose right shoulder. Anyways, I dislocated my shoulder right as I stuck my arms out in free fall. Don't worry, unless you have had previous, severe shoulder injuries, you'll be fine. If you have, I would recommend keeping your hands on your chest straps. Despite this, it was still one of the top experiences of my life because of the actual jump and the staff at Start Skydiving. Once back on the ground the staff was INCREDIBLE. Lonnie, Mel, Rob (another instructor), and Jeannie (another instructor's wife, I believe) were right by my side until I eventually popped it back into place. Rob supported my head and back for close to 20 minutes and Jeannie held up my arm. Mel was right there to help with the situation and cut the tension with jokes and a positive vibe. Lonnie got me ice and stayed past closing time to give me words of support. Mel also stayed past closing to edit the video and pictures. I cannot adequately describe what the staff meant to me during that time. Lonnie, Mel, and Rob are absolutely world-class. There were several others, whose names I didn't catch, that gave me words of advice and support. Start Skydiving is very fortunate to have them as employees. I can't wait to get jump #2 under my belt!

(Review ID:8773)

Outstanding service and experience

Start Skydiving Rated 5 by: Trentrdgrs on 2015-05-12

Pros: Great instructor, facility, and pricing.
Cons: None

I drove with my girlfriend four hours to go skydiving for our first time. The facility and staff could not have been more friendly, accommodating, and professional. I jumped with Kyle Whittier and my girlfriend jumped with Lonnie Kirk and we both could not have been any happier with our experience. Immediately after leaving I started planning my next trip. Definitely worth it!
(Review ID:8770)

First Time Sky Diving

Start Skydiving Rated 5 by: sgcleve320 on 2015-05-11

Pros: Super professional instructors who make the experience very fun
Cons: None

We took my dad sky diving as a surprise for his 60th bday. The whole day was awesome for us. My instructor, Lonnie Kirk, was super fun and very professional. Even when my main chute malfunctioned, he never got stressed, and we landed safely and enjoyed the entire experience. I would recommend Start Skydiving to anyone!
(Review ID:8769)

Where you want to skydive!

Start Skydiving Rated 5 by: mccall.123 on 2015-05-07

Pros: Awesome Staff, safe, great view
Cons: There was a wait

This place was an awesome first jump experience! There was a bit of a wait but it ended up working out because we jumped at sunset!
I jumped with Matt Harvey and he was awesome! I was pretty nervous but he answered all my questions and kept me as calm as possible!
I would highly recommend this place!

(Review ID:8765)

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