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Freefall Addicts

Average Rating: 4.95
4.95 out of 5 based on 19 user reviews

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Aerodromo La Juliana
Lat: 37.29599
Lng: -6.159463

Aerodromo La Juliana

0034 687 726303  (12477 Hits)

Last Updated: 2017-04-09
Turbine aircraft

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required



Jump more, learn more, enjoy more!


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Mostly UK crew of instructors based in Spain

Freefall Addicts Rated 5 by: Joellercoaster on 2006-12-04

Pros: Nice people, good instructors, great location
Cons: Queues at Giant Haystacks

I first met the FFA crew when they were working for someone else at another DZ, and I was doing AFF. Since then they have branched out on their own and moved to Seville, and the next time I wanted skydiving instruction I remembered how well they treated me and how much fun I had with them, and I looked them up.

Since then I've done a canopy course with them and my FS1, and bought a rig as well (love my Pilot, BTW). Each time I've come away very happy, and a much better skydiver than when I started.

Nowdays I get out to Seville and jump every now and again because it's just somewhere I love to go. Certainly beats London. Skydive Spain has wicked planes, a lot of cool locals and a very relaxo selection of places to go unwind afterwards. Empuriabrava the party town it ain't, but Empuria doesn't have Giant Haystacks either. Even on fun jumping trips I try and make it out to see Freefall Addicts - they are genuinely some of the nicest people you could hope to meet, and the enthusiasm they pass onto their students seems to be infectious when you're all out for a beer.

Go FFA :)

(Review ID:3569)

Great place

Freefall Addicts Rated 5 by: AndyHHH on 2006-11-27

Pros: Relaxed, professional
Cons: None

I arrived at Freefalladdicts as a last minute (48hrs!) booking, for both the AFF course and as many of the consol jumps as I could fit in to my few days in Seville.

The course was one to one and run at what ever pace I wished. The training, facilities, accommodation and equipment were great and I managed to complete the AFF and seven of my 10 consol jumps in just 5 days. I only really appreciated what a difference both the fast climb rate and the 15,000 jump height/longer freefall time after the course.

I look forward to coming back to complete the consol jumps in the next few weeks. Many thanks to both Mike and Lamorna for a hassle free, enjoyable course.

I can highly recommend this bunch.!

(Review ID:3554)

Fantastic first flight

Freefall Addicts Rated 5 by: rob_gardner on 2006-11-20

Pros: Friendly, professional staff; Party atmosphere!
Cons: I had to come home when my time was up

It's hard to put into words the experience I had back in Easter; from the help (and extreme patience) of the staff to the actual experience of jumping out of an aeroplane at 15,000 feet it was a hell of a half week out in sunny spain.
The actual training was done very thoroughly by various members of the Addicts team (mostly Lamorna "patience of a saint" Harpin, I must add) - all of whom were extremely helpful and open to my constant nagging questions - and in what seemed like no time at all, I was at the dropzone staring into the plane and doing exiting drills. They were exciting as well, by the way.
The great thing about the WHOLE team is that they welcomed me into their house (their Penthouse house, I hasten to add!) and, although they were also looking after more experienced skydivers they still had 100% of their time dedicated to me and my worries/questions. This was also mirrored on the Dropzone itself on jump day - with great organisational skills (amnd what must ave seemed like endless jumps for them) they managed to get me to AFF Level 2 (probably the most I could have handled in my first day on a Dropzone) on what became a windy, cloudy day while at the same time making numerous jumps with other clients and getting them their Formation Levels.

And that's just the day job! An evening with Mike "It's all good" Worthington and Barry "007" Maple at Giant Haystacks (BBQ steaks and other delicious meat) followed by a few beers down the Boxer Bar is second to none. All in a day's work for them it seems...!

If you are a complete novice and fancy a go or an experienced skydiver, I can't think of anywhere better to spend a few days/week that with the guys from Freefall Addicts; I plan to go over again at Easter (nothing else takes the mind off teaching quite so well!) so I may see you there. I'll be the northern lad holding the beer with a stupid grin all over my face after a day's jumping.

Thank you all for a great experience

(Review ID:3540)

Freefalling with Freefall Addicts

Freefall Addicts Rated 5 by: emperor on 2006-11-16

Pros: Where to begin
Cons: Honestly, none

Recently completed my AFF course(and a few consolodation jumps)with Freefall Addicts and I must say, I had a great time and can't recommend them highly enough.

The instuctors, Lamorna and Mike, were brilliant. Very professional, no big egos, approachable and friendly, and were always on hand to give me some helpful advice or a much needed confidence booster - thanks for getting me through it guys!

The weather was good, the dropzone sociable and lively with a nice bar, and the Freefall Addicts apartment was cool too!

I'm definitely going back there again to finish off my consol jumps and would recommend the Addicts team to anyone wanted to learn to skydive.


(Review ID:3533)

A great place with great people

Freefall Addicts Rated 4 by: lee7nine on 2006-11-15

Pros: friendly, easy to get to, weather
Cons: only one plane

I did my AFF with Freefall Addicts, it was great. Being new to skydiving was not a problem, Lamorna made everything very easy and simple. The lessons were great and easy to take on board, i had great accomodation at thier penthouse, the weather was mostly awesome, the eqiupment is new, everyone there was friendly and i had an awesome time. Cant wait to go back.


(Review ID:3528)

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