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Dropzone: North America: United States: Nevada: Vegas Extreme Skydiving ( Las Vegas )

Vegas Extreme Skydiving ( Las Vegas )

Average Rating: 2.90
2.90 out of 5 based on 28 user reviews

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23600 South Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89145
United States

702 303 3914
702 257 0070 (fax)  (6002 Hits)

Last Updated: 2012-07-12
turbo 207, 182

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Forbidden

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 1599 USD
Tandem: 225 USD
Video: 89 USD


Join our expert instructors for an exhilarating skydive adventure over the Las Vegas Valley. We are the 1st jump experts. We love skydiving in the low desert of Las Vegas Nevada. Come tandem jump with us in the dropzone of choice for thousands of visitors and locals alike. Courtesy transport to and from Las Vegas strip hotel(s) to dropzone ( approx 35 minutes drive ).


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Tandems: Good to go. Fun Jumpers: not so good

Vegas Extreme Skydiving ( Las Vegas ) Rated 4 by: DeviantZ28 on 2014-06-20

Pros: A great place to do a tandem
Cons: Fun jumpers... pricey

If it's your first time jumping and you're doing in tandem this place is great. A decent price, awesome instructors, friendly owner and good GoPro video. I will bring 1st timer to this place all day long.

If you don't like flowing the rules don't show up. Safe is always 1st in this place. Don't plan on jumping in a big group because this place is a tandem strong dropzone.
AFF is normal price.
Jump ticket 40.00
Gear rental 125
Couch Jump own gear 125
Couch jump with rental 155
Pack Job 10 bucks

I don't know if every DZ prices are going up but still.

(Review ID:8534)

Not as bad as it once was...

Vegas Extreme Skydiving ( Las Vegas ) Rated 4 by: demoknite on 2013-04-13

Pros: Most convenient DZ to metro Las Vegas
Cons: No "Scene", no grassy landing area

The place gets a reputation for not being fun jumper friendly. This is not entirely true.
While you can turn up and jump, you probably wont have anyone to jump with and there wont be lots of fun jumpers dirt diving and shooting the breeze between loads. It is a tandem mill plain and simple (one of the most efficient I have ever seen BTW). If you turn up with some friends (2-3 max) and do your own organizing and make yourselves unobtrusive you could probably do two or three in a day.

If more fun jumpers (especially local ones) were turning up regularly they wouldnt be turned away and that "scene" perhaps could be created.

(Review ID:7867)

Great place to Skydive - You won't be dissapointed!

Vegas Extreme Skydiving ( Las Vegas ) Rated 5 by: Adanzu on 2013-02-16

Pros: Close to downtown Las Vegas, easy to get to. Great staff, very proffesional. Large Plane, goes to 13k in a very short am
Cons: Landing zone has no grass, but none do in Nevada.

Today was my first time jumping in Vegas. I came to Extreme Skydiving based on recommendations and word of mouth. They did not disappoint! The owner showed me the ropes and checked my gear and the pilot and staff were fun to talk to and genuinely love the sport. I got tons of great advice and the facilities are extremely comfortable and nice. Indoor packing area with a lot of room. They use modern technology, electronic load schedules and video equipment. Very professional staff, these guys know their business well and it shows. Within 15min of showing up I was in the plane and ready to go. Plane is modern and comfortable, and super fast to get up to 13k. Landing area was clearly marked and well spaced, they were right there to pick us up and keep the show rolling. This is definitely my new dz home, I can't wait for next week. Fun jumpers come join me, you won't be disappointed!
(Review ID:7807)

Great Place for a Skydive in Vegas

Vegas Extreme Skydiving ( Las Vegas ) Rated 5 by: johnfulk on 2013-01-27

Pros: Great Staff, Nice Aircraft, Shuttle Service
Cons: Main LZ small for newer jumpers but many outs

I visited Skydive Vegas Extreme to make a few fun jumps while in town with some friends. I was told on the phone that their priority and focus is mainly on tandem jumpers, I should come out to the DZ to do waivers, check in, etc and that they would accommodate me if they could. Sure enough they had 4 tandem loads go up and I was able to make two of them.

I've seen a lot of reviews mentioning rude and angry staff but they were all great fun and easy to get along with, I just had to work with their schedule. The staff sets the example on the interaction with their tandem customers, hands down from their arrival to departure they are all well taken care of.

I'll would certainty recommended Skydive Vegas Extreme for folks interested in tandem skydives and fun jumps too.

(Review ID:7792)

Very friendly and supportive DZ

Vegas Extreme Skydiving ( Las Vegas ) Rated 5 by: Ralph_G12 on 2013-01-06

Pros: Very friendly and helpful, only place in Vegas for fun jumper
Cons: As of the desert not the most beautiful landing area

I had to go to Vegas from Germany from one day to the next and therefore had no own equipment with me.
There I checked with the different DZs if they do fun jumpers and rent equipment.
All others told me on the phone that they are only doing tandems.
I drove to Jean and checked with them for the gear and the schedule. As a result they only had big student rigs (240 or bigger) as regular rental gear available. As I am a short and light guy and with the wind speed they had this wound have blown me backwards.
I thought that would have been the end of my wish to jump there but one of the instructors - thanks again Brian - offered to bring his wifes rig (190) the next day and he did.

About the jump everything went well. The landing area is a little bit away in the desert but there was already a van waiting for us to bring us back.

The only -in my opinion - really stupid thing is that all Vegas DZs propose to have "Highest Skydive in Las Vegas - 15,000 Feet!". Somehow it is true but misleading as the DZ is at 3,000ft and they go up 12,000 feet which really brings you up to 15,000 feet but pretty much everybody would expect a 15,000 feet jump not jumping from 15,000 when reading the headline.

Nevertheless I would come back anytime as of their friendlyness and I can recommand this place to everybody who wants to make a fun jump in Vegas.

(Review ID:7772)

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