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Oklahoma Skydiving Center

Average Rating: 4.20
4.20 out of 5 based on 15 user reviews

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Cushing Regional Airport (kcuh)
Lat: 35.9506190212076
Lng: -96.7765631535034

Cushing Regional Airport
Cushing, Oklahoma, Oklahoma
United States

918-225-2222  (18599 Hits)

Last Updated: 2017-05-24
Turbine 206 & Cessna 182

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 280 USD
Tandem: 200 USD
Video: 60 USD
Jump Ticket: 25 USD to 14000 ft


We now have a TURBINE 206 and we are taking all skydivers to 14,000 feet! We welcome fun jumpers, tandems, and students. Oklahoma Skydiving Center is currently turning and burning loads every Friday-Sunday year around. The season is in full swing and the fun has already began! Come check out why Oklahoma voted us the #1 place to skydive. WE ARE OKLAHOMA'S DROPZONE.


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  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Team Rooms
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Accuracy Tuffet
  • Shop
  • Bunkhouse
  • Camping
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Great Place with Great People

Oklahoma Skydiving Center Rated 5 by: SkylineTulsa on 2016-05-18

Pros: It was a great atmosphere for me. I was very nervous because this was my first jump. I was tandem. I jumped with the
Cons: no cons as far as I could tell

I had a great time on my first jump. I was afraid of heights at the time. The owner made me comfortable and I had to problems jumping at 10,000 feet. I will go back. In fact I am going back this weekend. Then I am signing up for the classes.
(Review ID:9041)

Turbine 206 14,000 foot skydives!

Oklahoma Skydiving Center Rated 5 by: ijump on 2015-01-29

Pros: TURBINE 206 14,000 feet skydives. Friendly, professional, full service, TWO PLANES
Cons: None

New owners in 2014, you need to come out and check this place out! Extremely experienced staff! Remodeled and clean! New modern student equipment, all new tandem rigs, did I mention in 2017 we added a TURBINE 206 Permanently! 14,000 skydives in Oklahoma! Friendly and family fun!
(Review ID:8720)

First skydive for my 4 boys and I

Oklahoma Skydiving Center Rated 5 by: Sixburchs on 2014-08-03

Pros: Andy and his wife are great friendly people.
Cons: None

I took my 24 year old son and 18 year old triplet boys to Oklahoma Skydiving Center for our first skydive. Andy and his wife are great. They are extremely friendly and knowledgeable and help make you comfortable with that first jump out of an airplane at 10,000 feet. Going out the door of the plane is not fun, but once you are out, it is the greatest adrenaline rush of your life. I highly recommend their facility.
(Review ID:8610)

One of my favorite Dropzones

Oklahoma Skydiving Center Rated 5 by: diver84047 on 2014-04-28

Pros: Great facilities, loved the vibe!
Cons: None i can think of

I called ahead of time to get the lowdown and Andy was very helpful from the start.

I am a fun jumper who travels for a living so I have the opportunity to jump at different Dropzones all over the country... I know the routine and,for the most part, I know what I'm talking about. I read the reviews on this website and made my decision to jump there based on that phone call. It was the closest Dropzone to me at the time, but not the closest to my destination. In other words, I had other options and I chose Oklahoma Skydiving Center.

So I showed up and checked in, and set about getting to know the people and place. Andy and the guys were just getting started for the day and were working on the plane...Situation normal.

I made myself familiar with the landing area, who was who and so on. Andy had already let me know (when I called) that he had tandems showing up and he was trying to get some other fun jumpers in to make loads. No guarantees. I'm in love with the sky and the sport so Im showing up regardless of who else may or may not show, on the off chance I can get even a single jump in on a weekday which doesn't always happen (even at larger Dropzones). I enjoyed my afternoon getting to know the tandems, the staff and a couple local jumpers.

As it turned out, Andy put me on a load with a tandem (which he didn't have to do) so I was able to FLY that day! As a matter of fact, I dug the feel of the place and the people and made the decision to stay the next day as well.

Day two I had the opportunity to meet another set of people; watch as several groups of individuals experienced the thrill of their lives! I enjoy that and remember how it was for me the first time...and the next...and so on... Plus I made three more loads that day even though the winds were less than ideal. I always consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to FLY...Its all about perspective.

Everything else aside, a couple of things to consider: Andy and the crew do not control the weather. The weather does. Check ahead of time and be prepared to wait it out or take a raincheck, Its for your LIFE and SAFETY not your convenience. Things may not always go your way at a Dropzone. Any Dropzone. Know this: they want to get you in the air. They want you to have the time of your life! They do this for a living out of a love for the sport and if you love it they will earn your business. They put their lives and reputation on the line and make your safety the first priority.

I had an excellent experience and I'm sure I made the right decision when I chose Oklahoma Skydiving Center.


(Review ID:8438)

Horribly rude owner.

Oklahoma Skydiving Center Rated 1 by: barrykim1998 on 2013-03-27

Pros: Nothing I can think of...
Cons: Everything - Owner's professionalism stinks; rude

My wife and I made reservations to do our very first tandem at the OK Skydiving Center in Cushing for a Friday afternoon at 12pm. When I made the reservation, I was asked by the female I was speaking with to provide my cell number in case the jump was cancelled due to weather; I provided her my number and also explained that we were going to be coming from OKC, about 1.5 hours away from Cushing. The day of the jump, it was overcast and pretty cool (about 50degrees).

We left our hotel about 10am and arrived at the facility about 11:30 - just in time to fill out paperwork, etc. But there was not a car or person in sight. No one was there. So, I called the main number and the same lady answered. I told her my name and that we had reservations for a tandem jump at 12pm. She then told me that the pilot had called her about an hour before to tell her there would be no jumps that day due to the cloud coverage. So, she tells me, we aren't going to go out. I said to her that this was disappointing and asked why she didn't call me to let me know the jump was cancelled. She got very defensive and told me she didn't control the weather. I reiterated that while I was disappointed we wouldn't jump, I was more perturbed that she had known this for an hour and didn't bother to call me. She then started yelling and eventually hung up on me. My wife and I, still sitting in the car near the hanger, looked at each other in shock. I called the number back and when the girl answered again, I asked to speak with a manager. She then revealed she was the owner and that if I didn't like the way she handled her business then I should go somewhere else to skydive (not a problem). I tried to calm her down and again simply ask why she didn't call me to let me know the jump had been cancelled; that doing so would have saved my wife and me a lot of time. She very sarcastically apologized and again hung up the phone. So my wife and I decided we would look on our phones to see what we would do that day (we were celebrating our 15 year anniversary).

About 5 minutes later - we are still in the parking lot - a truck pulls up and a large lady got out and went into the hanger. About 10 minutes later - still looking for something to do - a red car comes flying up and parks right next to us. A guy gets out (not sure if he had just woken up or had just come from a bar, but he was disheveled) and goes into the hanger. I wondered aloud if that could have been the pilot. Regardless, we kept looking for things to do in OKC. Then, about 5 minutes later, the guy comes back out and approaches my car. I rolled my window down and said "hello." He replies - "what's the deal!" I said I had no idea what the deal was. He then asked what I had done to his daughter. I told him I did nothing to his daughter and started to explain my "pleasant" conversations with the "lady." He proceeds to interrupt us, yell at us, call us vulgar names, curse at us. We actually felt a little threatened. My fuse was short at this point so I rolled up my window and we left, concerned that I might say or do something I would regret.

What I got out of the burst of anger between the father and the owner was that I should have known we werenít going to jump due to the clouds. First, I have never done a jump before, and second, the owner apparently didnít know until the pilot told her, so how would I. Again, all we were wanting is a courtesy call to let us know the jump was cancelled. We would have been disappointed (as we were when our zipline reservation was cancelled due to weather the next day), but we would have understood and moved on. One simple phone call. Not a lot to ask.

(Review ID:7837)

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