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Classifieds: Wingsuits: Phoenix Fly Vampire Sukhoi

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Phoenix Fly Vampire Sukhoi

Posted on Sat Sep 23 2017 by: andrew fraser
Phoenix Fly Vampire Sukhoi
Price: 1,200 USD (OBO)

Location: Denver, Colorado, 80204, United States
Shipping: Negotiable

FAST AND FUN! 20 jumps, like-new condition. NOT A BEGINNER WINGSUIT. Recommended minimum 250 wingsuit jumps before flying. I'm 5'8" and 155lbs, and the suit was tailored to my specs. Tail wing is plain black and no longer has logo. The vampire sukhoi (su) has been designed for pilots who want the maximum proximity flying performance combined with high powered glide and speed. The vampire-su is a high performance continuation of the tried and tested vampire series. The wing profile on the vampire-su has been optimized to allow maximum glide, while still having the same free range of movement and agility vampire users are used to. For BASE jumping, the suit is designed for short starts, giving great glide making it the ideal choice for performance races. It also offers lots of storage space for those more demanding alpine jumps. A smooth leading edge, thin wing profile, and low drag optimization make the suit easy to fly, with a level of agility not before seen in big surface wingsuits. The addition of the exclusive Phoenix-Fly Fins give the suit a real edge for jumps demanding the highest levels of control with steep banking and carving turns. The arm wing and tapered sleeve design allow for a good accessible pull, making it suitable for use with normal BOC deployment. The Vampire SU is the follow up the Vampire Race, designed from the ground up. The suit features a rigid 3D shaped leading edge, unlike any suit currently on the market. Redesigned booties and fins, formed with a low drag profile, enhancing maneuverability. A radical redsign on the inlet hole, creating an improved lateral stability that allows for sharp carving turns, flying the suit like its on tracks, together with an adjusted balance of the suit to optimized the glide and speed.