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Classifieds: Videos and Books: Taking on Turbulence with Brian Germain

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Taking on Turbulence with Brian Germain

Posted on Thu Jul 12 2018 by: Germain Family
Taking on Turbulence with Brian Germain
Price: 21.99 USD

Location: United States

A must see for any skydiver! Brian Germain goes into greater detail on the important topic of flying your canopy in turbulence. Were you trained in how to deal with collapses of your canopy in flight? Most of us where not. Worse, many of us were taught incorrect responses to canopy distortion, and have developed learned instincts that are profoundly incorrect. 25 years of parachute test piloting have given Brian Germain a deep understanding of the topic, an understanding that you can have as well. This video will instantly make you one of the most knowledgeable skydivers on the dropzone on the topic of turbulence and what can be done to prevent accidents from flying in rough air. Runtime: 1:10 Format: downloadable video and or streaming.

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