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Classifieds: Complete Systems: Complete beginner rig with AAD $3200

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Complete beginner rig with AAD $3200

Posted on Mon Apr 16 2018 by: Mark
Complete beginner rig with AAD $3200
Price: 3200 USD

Location: , California, 91737, United States
Shipping: Buyer Pays Shipping

Container is Greyish Blue with Blue pinstriping, NO velcro, just tuck tabs. Includes RSL, measurement of harness is Main web 19'' laterals, 23' chest strap - 5'10'' to 6'2'' medium to large person. 19'' risers, metal D ring reserve handle, collapsible PC. Firebolt 218 Blue and Raspberry with one patch on the bottom skin, just inspected by Elsinore loft. Light Blue advanced technology (compared to Raven) Techno reserve with a dozen repacks and one deployment. The Vigil 2 multimode AAD was just serviced at the factory with software update, new cutter and control unit. The Reserve has just been packed. Perfect for a beginner rig, do a couple hundred jumps and get most of your money back. Can provide numerous references. I believe the Firebolt is far superior to a Navigator Contact me at a039 at

Manufacturer Type Size/Model Jumps DOM Serial #
Rigging Innovations Inc Talon 2 1000 1/1995
Jump Shack Firebolt 218 ft² 300 /
Parachutes de France Techno 190 ft² 1 1/2000
Vigil 2 Control Unit 1/2010

Andrep222  2018-04-18

Hi please email me im interested