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Near Fatal Skydiving Accident (Freefall Collision with Canopy)

Near Fatal Skydiving Accident (Freefall Collision with Canopy) (view)

Once the jump is over I do my separation on the jump run (It was a 4way), I shouldn't flight the canopy on the jump run for so long (collapsing the slider), when I turn to wait for the next load to deploy I realized that two of them were very close. Not

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Submitted by: ppplts on 2013-01-06 | Views: 3223

Comment skebenga on 2013-01-14
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This quite often happen in Empuriabrava. Notice normal jump run is from the South (Sea) and is normally a down wind jump run as the prevailing wind is off the sea (South). This is to prevent canopies opening deep over the town which has almost zero 'outs' Sometime the uppers are however fairly strong from the North, resulting in pretty slow aircraft ground speed. These are the conditions where one needs to be very cautious. The jumper has tracked for a good 5 sec in jump run direction, and then continued to fly the canopy in the same direction, thus eating into all the time and space left by the next group to exit. Notice that had the jumper in the video upon deployment, knowing he had tracked up jump run, simply turned his canopy 90 degrees that this scary scenario might not have been that scary!