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Women's Vertical World Record Camp: Teamwork - 2013-08-29 by Melissa Nelson

Women's Vertical World Record Camp: Teamwork Have you ever been a part of a team? Felt the pressure of performing? Emotionally and physically put your efforts on the line for a common goal? That’s what we did August 1st – 3rd – a group of 23...
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Annual Skydive Orange Boogie: Tight & Bright baby! - 2013-09-09 by Melissa Nelson

Annual Skydive Orange Boogie: Tight & Bright baby! Skydive Orange. Nestled in the countryside of the historic town of Orange, Virginia. The town’s old Silk Mill was one of the major producers of parachute cloth for World War II. However, what we...
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Hey Bro, Check Out my Go Pro - 2013-05-07 by Melissa Nelson

Hey Bro, Check Out my Go Pro The sleek, low-profile design, an easy-to-use system, so small it’s hardly there, and it’s oh-so-glorious high quality images – the Go Pro, Hero. In this social media society, the Go Pro is...
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Line of Flight Explained - 2013-05-20 by Melissa Lowe

Line of Flight Explained The topic of “Line of Flight” seems to be a mysterious, yet cool term that is often misused and/or misunderstood. As a freefly load organizer and instructor, I’ve realized the lack of knowledge about ...
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AFF Students Are Awesome - 2013-06-28 by Melissa Lower

AFF Students Are Awesome AFF students are awesome! They are incredibly excited, nervous, and sometimes quite hilarious. Ben Lowe and I have complied some of our favorite experiences with teaching and getting to know some of...
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