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A pilot na - BUT Loved it and bought it. 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Dhave, 2018-04-10

Underloaded at .09
Id been seeking my first canopy.
Id flown - Sabre 2 / Sabre 1 / Skylark Magellan.
Till I realised for me the most important aspect was the openings which at one piont I came close to a knockout on a Magellan.
I loved the Sabre 1 front riser response and ease, hated weak flare and impact on opening - muscle pain the next days wasnt doing me any good. Even with the bigger slider.
Wasnt so impressed with Sabre 2 Mmm. Is that it?

The Pilot didnt think it would excite me, but I was very surprised indeed. It felt clean not so rough on the edges, the most consistent softest openings Id had. A huge difference to anything Id flown.
Toggle response so light and doing a sharp pull I was facing the ground, without feeling the pressure of gs BONUS BONUS!
Landing Flare was powerful - 2 stage flare excellent being able to glide her out longer than Sabre WHAT!?!?!