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Skydiving Gear : Reviews

The dragon 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: Maddingo, 2017-10-09

The canopy is one of the easiest canopies I have ever packed (and it was a 210 size), when deploying it is quite soft, but it tends to turn so it's best to be prepared for a little "deployment flying". In flight the toggle pressure is quite high which I didn't like and I immedietly noticed the lack of flare compared to a 9-cell canopy. It also sinks much faster. The profile was stable even in turbulent winds and it kept flying on heading. In no wind, landings are not the best out there. The canopy is quite steep and you really have to go full arm stretch to perform a soft landing in those conditions... never much running, just prepare your knees and ankles for that thud. So all in all not bad, but I would rather buy some other canopy if I had to choose. She's not my type ;)