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Changeable MODE CYPRES 2

Changeable MODE CYPRES 2 Average Rating = 5.00/5

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C-Mode Cypres2 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: MikeHLM, 2017-09-27

CYPRES is the one and only in the market, that would be fittet into my rigs.

The reason is easy, it works when it should and the manufacturer take care about you and you get straightforward maintainance intervalls (now increased to 5 years, also if they say recommended - send them in and you are not only safe, you are also sure that it is ok and up-to-date).

The C-mode is good for companies, clubs or dealer and rigger. When you need it in a Tandem - but it in, you have two canopies that be changed in your gear - now you can choose if ou like the STUDENT/EXPERT/SPEED settings, according to the canopy sizes.

It has everythink what is necesarry and more.

For the people they donīt like the maintainance schedule: How old is your electrical high-tech equiptment (Notebook, phone, toaster etc)? Have you ever had problems with digital altimeters? Itīs a high-tech, high engineered product making many decisions in several seconds on all bodypositions and also on ground so let it get tested, updated and calibrated periodicaly.

You donīt have to count the jumps, be aware of the lifetime of the battery or be afraid that it would be "Battery ALERT" you and ground you today

The manual is clear and the staff would answer every question you are unsure or need help.

And for people that would like have a expanded activation window... there is no problem to adjust it by yourself and choose it on your own. Take care and then also watch your decision height. The standard window is choosen wisely, to keep you the pilot in command as long its necesarry.

Is there a reason to buy somethings else ? Yes for wingsuiting the new WSC but for my Student, Tandem and Funjumps rigs there is not an option out there that is the same hight quality, precision and reliability that Airtec!