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SFire 139 Demo 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: MikeHLM, 2017-09-27

This year I got the possibility to jump some new canopies, one of them was the SFire.

Wingload 1,25

Compared to the Safire 2, the opening are still good, even better, because the snivel is not anymore that long that I know from Safire2. They are still longer than on Sabre or Pilots but I liked them. They almost where On-Heading and soft.

Control on rears are easy, on my one the steering lines where pre lengthen trought the manufacturer, take care when lengthen it by your rigger, that he fingertrap the overlength as they would make trouble if not done right (have seen some newer jumper having damages or malfunction with not proper stown oerlength).
The steering on toggles are consistent and forgiveable, on turn it has a little oversteering compared to other, but more direct than on sabre and softer as on Pilot.
Stallpoint is deep, but it didnīt affect the flare.
Frontriser turns are better flighable then on Safire2, but what they have improved is the recovery arch. It is not any more that short so now itīs also possible to become a safer canopy pilot without be pushed to turn low - this also ease transition to more advanced canopies. But in my mind you didnīt want that after knowing this canopy.

On flare to the ground you recognize the benefits of this canopy, being late ot to early is easy to compansate, but I recommend try t flare till to the end and not only stop after touch down ;)

So catch a demo and make your opinion, everybody have different picture how a cpy should fly, this was mine.

Stay Safe