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Javelin Aurora

Javelin Aurora Average Rating = 4.00/5

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Demo for two weeks 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: pj95005, 2017-09-17

The good folks at Sunpath let me demo the Aurora for a few weeks. I did really like the rig, and am going to purchase one post demo. Jeff Johnson who is the engineer on this project was nice enough to field my phone call and talk about it as well. I do feel it is a step in the right direction for the wing suit community, but only the first step. This will be a work in progress for years to come. I am at a point where I need a new container and primarily do wing suit jumps so I will be diving in head first soon. The rig packs up very nice, wears comfortably ( I used 3 different wing suits and two different brands while testing). Openings were consistent and easy to find my BOC. I especially liked this extended pack tray/BOC location on my largest suit, it was really easy. I have messed around with magnetic D bags and found the semi stowless bag provided in the new system to work really well. Included was a collapsible pilot with hackey. I did a few jumps with that before swapping out to my old school bridal and 28" annular/PDA pilot. Collapsible vs. fixed bridal and pilot chutes is a whole different beer drink'in conversation. Overall I liked the design, I liked the fit and function, and I liked the safety features for wing suit applications. I will be asking for a few mod's on mine, metal cutaway and reserve handles, and a ixed bridal/pilot chute setup. I would encourage anyone who is going to chunk down this kind of cash to call Laura Golly up at Sunpath and demo it first. She was super cool and easy to work with. If you do, hit Jeff up with your thoughts. He really wants to do the right thing on this project and is looking for input from the community post testing the Aurora.