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Mamba 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: zfcyp, 2016-01-05

Getting on a mamba 150 loading at 1.35 and doing 350 jumps was interesting getting on the 124 loading 1.6 and doing another 350 jumps was even more interesting. Somewhere in there i really had to learn to pack because once i started loading the openings got hectic for a bit but once u learn to pack it opens... Good but rarely on heading... Rarely. Learning to swoop on this canopy is not advisable its named after an animal that bites take that as a warning. Its a steeply trimmed aggressive (maybe the most) 9 cell. The rears are powerful and you really trust them as well as the flair. Now jumping sensai 101 xb and the transition was comfortable the xb is just much more stable and better openings performance wise it is much faster but the dive and riser pressures and flair are reminicent of the mamba.

Between the 2 mambas i briefly owned a xf2 129 i found the mamba 150 to be a much more aggressive canopy and opted to get the 124 mamba as the xf2s replacement.

get to know a good packer and leárn from them.