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Aerodyne Pilot 230 first impressions 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: katzas, 2014-07-23

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression.
Well, that holds true for canopies too. As a veteran of seven cells and rental Navigators this canopy had some surprises. Responsiveness--loaded at about 1.2--makes a Navigator feel like a truck. I watched it open--and while I didn't watch my alitmeter I think it took about 4 seconds from throwing the PC to full canopy. No end cell issues, no spank, no off heading issues...just a beautiful canopy overhead.

Pull a toggle and watch it turn--instantly. Go to half brakes and feel it slow down and almost "float" along. Pull the toggles to arm's length and it stops--right now. Keep the toggles buried and it will stall.....but it thinks about it for a little while.

I overshot the peas big time in light and variable winds, had the toggles buried and it simply would not stop flying. Fortunately there was a nice little green spot in front of a fence......

So--am I happy with the Pilot? Yes....will it take some time to get to know it? Of course. I think we will be friends for a long time.