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Altitrack review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: rjblake, 2014-07-21

Got a great deal on an almost new 2nd hand unit with cable and software - too good to turn down. Love the fit and fact that you arrive at DZ, turn it on and not have to worry about zeroing it before every dive. I still check it before every dive to make sure it is at 0ft before boarding. Check it when climbing and matches my Quattro at 1,000ft and the alti on board the plane at various heights up to altitude. Don't really use the playback function; but do download all the jumps to computer at the end of a weekend. Sync it with video which is kinda nice too. The software is not great, a bit outdated; but it works. I had a question I emailed to L&B and got an answer from Mads Larsen within 2 minutes! Now that is customer service to be proud of! I might supplement it with a digital alti and it'll be a Visio from L&B for sure!