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Demo... then purchased! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Melissa126, 2014-07-15

Aerodyne visited my drop zone, and I had a chance to demo the new Zulu all weekend! I have previously only jumped Pilots (124 and 132) loaded around 1.4... After jumping it all weekend (on both aff jumps and video jumps) I instantly put in my order, it's exactly what I was looking for. Great consistent openings (even when I packed it, and even when I pitched shortly after a track). The toggle pressure felt the same as the pilot to me, but where I really noticed the difference was harness input. Much more sensitive to harness input, and much more responsive to riser turns. (fyi: I don't swoop, nothing high performance). It got me back from looooong spots just as my pilot has and the flare felt much more powerful than the pilot. It has a new line type (ZLX) which I don't know much about but it was explained to me that they aren't supposed to stretch and should last longer. Just my 2 cents from your average canopy pilot and loves the new Zulu :)