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Odyssey 105 @ about 1.8 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: degeneration, 2013-10-26

When I was looking for a new canopy after progressing from Pilots, I went through a phase of trying to jump lots of different types of canopy that were available. I tried xfire2 109, Demon 100, Mamba 104, FX 107 and the Odyssey 120. After trying the Odyssey, I ordered a 105 brand new custom made.

Why did I choose the Odyssey? Well, first off, I'm not a big swooper at all. I'm slowly learning to do 90s, but I just like a canopy that is really fun to fly. I've done many 12k hop n pops, so I can play around and have fun with my canopy, and for me the Odyssey was the most fun.

I've done about 50 jumps on my 105 now, and EVERY opening has been soft and it hasn't twisted up once (unlike ALL those other canopies I tried for far fewer jumps). It has had a tendency to slowly dive to the left after full inflation, but that is easily fixable. It has a short snivel, so opens in less altitude than the xfire2 did. Usually it about 600-700 feet give or take from tossing the PC to full inflation. I found the xfire2 usually was nearer the 800 feet mark.

In flight, it is nicely snappy on toggles. I don't mean twitchy, which can make you nervous, I mean you pull the toggle and it will respond positively and quickly with a fast rotation, which I like. It returns to normal flight pretty quick after you let the toggle back up.

Risers aren't too heavy. Front pressure can build up (I'm only a 65kg weakling) once I've gone beyond about a 180 on fronts (only tried that high up, no where near that rotation on swooping), but for 90s which I'm practicing it is not too heavy, but not too light.

Rears are similar, not too heavy and not too light. I've not had any long spots to get back from, but the canopy seems nice and controllable with rears.

It is quite sensitive to harness input, allowing for easy course corrections after opening while I sort out the slider etc.

On landing the flare is great. My first ever jump I did a flare that muscle memoried how I flared on my Pilots, and I popped up 10 feet. It has SO much more flare power than the Pilots I was jumping had. I jumped Pilots in 150, 132, 124, and 117 sizes, and none of those gave me the power in flare that the two Odysseys I've jumped had. I demoed a 120 and bought a 105. I can do a slower, gradual flare for more of a glide across the ground, or a fuller flare for a short, shut down, step down landing. Most important part is, I feel comfortable and confident with the flare, even in no winds.

And the price. I got mine on a very special offer, which worked out just over half the price of most other similar class canopies on the market, but that offer is over now, and even at full price, it is still about 3/4 the price of those other canopies.

After trying those other canopies, the one this was most like in my opinion was the Xfire2, but I preferred the Odyssey. For me, it is like an Xfire2 with more "ooommph" and "ooommph" is a good thing. It just had that little more in all the areas that I liked. I thought the flare was more powerful than the Xfire2's, it had more positive response with the toggles, risers were similar.

I honestly think that if you really like the Xfire2 then you will REALLY like the Odyssey. They are in the same class range and for me the Odyssey takes the top spot.

I'll be keeping this canopy for a long time and I am VERY pleased with the purchase.

I have 2 rigs, and for those that care, I put the Demon 100 (from Firebird) in my second rig, as it was also really good fun to fly, and a bargain at its retail price.