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Good entry level helmet 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: Pat007, 2013-10-06

Wanted to reward myself after passing AFF, but not spend a lot of money, and settled on the new Advanced Benny. It fits much better than the DZ's Protecs, has more style (in my opinion) than Protecs, and gives me the option of installing audible altimeters in either or both ears. My real only complaint is that the liner is held in place with some poorly-placed velcro patches. The liners for the ears are separate from the main liner and are held with 3 small velcro patches, one of which is glued right on the attachment point for the chin strap webbing. This gives very little surface area for the glue to hold, and the first time I tried to remove the liner to look at how to install an audible, the glue gave way. I think I solved this at least temporarily by regluing using contact cement, but doubt it will hold up well if I actually repeatedly remove the liner when using an audible.

I think this is a good entry level helmet, but be careful when peeling out the liner.