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Pulse 170 130 jumps later 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: NATiON, 2013-08-30

After 130 Jumps on this canopy, I feel i can give you a pretty solid review.

Ill keep this short and sweet.
-The canopy Packs better than any canopy out there Period.
-Openings are Soft and on heading. Probably the nicest openings of any canopy I have flown. 600-700 ft snivel on average.
-Toggle input is nice and soft and the canopy turns about the same as the sabre 2. but with a far better glide. long spots are not a problem.
- front risers are pretty stiff. Rear stalls are fun. give it a try. this canopy has great recovery.
- FLARE.. Well.. there really isnt any.. sorry but its true.. Im loading it 1:1.1 and if there is a flare in this canopy I cant seem to find it. If you dont mind skidding in your landings then dont worry about it. Keep your speed up and you can run out the landings if you want.
PD changed the brakes on the bigger Pulse canopies because of bad flare.. I think they should address this issue on all of them..
If you wrap the toggles and bring it to the edge of stall you can feel the same flare as a sabre2. I dont like risking a stall so i dont do this.

The bottom line is that this canopy is awesome - PD Please fix the Brakes, and this canopy will dominate. Im still considering a new Pulse 150.