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Optima II 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: BartPennings, 2013-08-23

I've started using my Optima II after 45 jumps. Of course you need altitude awareness and confidence with a altimeter first, but what's wrong with a back up??
I did a jump with a broken altimeter (not my Altitrack :-) ). Fortunately it was one of my AFF jumps (intructor gave my the signal to pull) because I found out the altimeter was broken under my canopy. After a couple of 360 turns it still said 3000ft. I had enough experience to know that I lost height and found a safe landing spot. If this happened during a solo jump I'm sure my AAD would have activated. So, why no back up?

Back to the Optima II.
Because of my good experience with my Altitrack I decided to stay with L&B for my audible as well. I chose this one and not the Solo II because it has multiple free fall profiles.
I can switch easily between 4 profiles and my beeps under the canopy are the same every jump. I really like the glide path and it has improved my landings.

If I had to buy one today (2013) I'd get the new Quattro because it gives me more options.