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Skydiving Gear : Reviews

I absolutely love this baby 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: iobject, 2013-03-11

I own an Odyssey110@1.8-1.9, for almost 300 jumps. It is a swoop machine that makes you want to squeeze some more every time.

Feels like a Crossfire2 of the same size, but has way longer arc. In fact you can make it never recover with right harness work. It cranks the Cypres Expert limits easily with just a 270. It made me switch to Speed.

Strange thing is that it has relatively stiff front risers while having a long recovery arc.

I've started to appreciate this canopy after trying a Scirocco. I've found a lot of similarities between these two. Odyssey definitely has a Scirocco soul in it, a beautiful piece of engineering from the mecca of the aerodynamic science of the former Soviet Union.

For me Odyssey was the ultimate teacher of the way of riding gravity. I'm switching to Scirocco now.