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Shark 4X Top- great for everyone 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: divegoddess, 2013-03-09

As a person with a small head, it's difficult to find a camera helmet that fits me with enough space to mount everything on top. I was pretty surprised to find that Tonfly makes this helmet in a size that fits my tiny head perfectly. It is lightweight, comfortable, quiet, and I notice very little shake on my video.The helmet feels very stable in freefall the weight of the cameras feels very balanced and I love that I don't have to crank the chincup so tight my face is squished. The only thing I had trouble with was taking it off- but after a few jumps it was no longer a problem.

There is plenty of space for my audibles and I hear them perfectly. I really like the converter mounts- SUPER quick and easy to remove my still camera to replace the battery and put it back into place.

It's the little things about this helmet that really make it awesome. The fact that the helmet comes with two sections already prepared for hypeyes and two sections prepared to run cables so that you can plug the helmet directly into the TV for debrief (and space in the padding so it won't dig into your melon),the extra plate so you can quickly change from one configuration to another,the screw for the adjustment of the chin cup angle, the cutaway system, the double audible ports. If you expect alot from your camera helmet there are so many things you can do with the 4X top (shark). In addition to all the neat stuff that comes with the helmet, Tonfly has loads of extra accessories such as a larger top plate, angled plates for your still camera, etc- I am without want as far as features on this thing.

I am really happy I decided on this helmet- it is SO much nicer than what I was jumping before.