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Great canopy to start 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Alexg3265, 2013-02-02

I bought this canopy used with a larger pocket slider and it opens and flies great. I have about 40 jumps on it so far and loading it at 1.25:1. I don't like a long snivel and this definitely doesn't snivel... I like to pull and see an open canopy quickly... Not sit and wait for 500 ft. It's a blast to fly and has persuaded me to make far more cc's. stable, very strong flare. I use a 2 stage and every landing except for the very first I have been able to stand or run it out... I've even taken it for a few downwind runs and it levels out and puts the brakes on hard. I have absolutely no complaints. If you're on a budget, and can find one of these, get it. A larger slider is heavily recommended... I'm not the neatest packer, and it has yet to kick me for it. I'm going to give the pocket slider credit for that. Nice toggle pressure, and risers are very responsive... It comes out of line twists great... I pulled about 5 feet off the step on a hop and pop, the d-bag bounced off my foot and as I was getting ready for some crazy spinning opening, it opened perfect again... Don't get me wrong, I would be very careful and get big and slow on deployment or it will kick you. Great canopy.