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Premium Freefly Suit

Premium Freefly Suit Average Rating = 3.41/5

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Amazing company! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: bbroyles, 2012-12-26

In doing research for my first jumpsuit since my A license, I really wanted a suit that stood out from all the other ones I've seen. A cool, customizable design was high on my list.

After looking at the specs of many other popular manufacturers I ran across the many designs that Kurupee had to offer. The prices were within my range so I started reading reviews about the company and their work.

The first reviews I started reading were horrible! Keep in mind this was back in 2004. As I kept reading, the reviews got progressively better and customers were extremely happy with their purchase. I made my final decision and went ahead with designing my suit (design, colors, sizes, etc) online. Of course I wanted my jumpsuit as soon as possible and they said they could have it done in 2 weeks. I paid the extra for a rush order and said I would like to have it by December 26th, 2012 (exactly 2 weeks from my order). I honestly didn't expect that to happen with the holidays and such but one could hope right?

Of course I got the standard "your order has been received" email right away. The very next day I get an email from Ed at Kurupee Suits saying "Thanks for your order. We will make sure it is there by the 26th." Right on!

2 weeks I check the website and it says my order in still processing. :( Darn! I was hoping it had shipped already at least! I emailed Ed back directly and asked him about a status on the order. Within 15 minutes I got an email back saying that it should have already been delivered and he gave me the tracking number. Re-he-heally?!?! I looked up my tracking number on and sure enough they tried to deliver the package to my office on Christmas eve (which of course we were not open). I called FedEx, got the location of where my package was and ran right over to pick it up.

I immediately pulled it out of the box to take a look at my creation and boy was I impressed! The colors, the stitching, my name on the back looked amazing! Now to get back and try it on.

It fits like a glove! The elastic wristbands are snug and they are certainly going to keep the cold out of my suit, the design looks just like I imagined.... I've actually been wearing it all day to "break it in"....yea lets call it that.

Not only did Kurupee deliver a fantastic looking product, they did it in 2 weeks and had great communication to make me feel comfortable about my purchase. Kudos to Ed C. for everything! I cant wait to jump it!