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Skydiving Gear : Reviews

Best out of all toys i tryed so far. 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Sergiy, 2012-11-28

I own Odyssey120 and Crossfire2-119 I load them at 1.8 so I will make my review based on comparison between two.

Odyssey opens little quicker then Crossfire but very smooth (I jump camera with it and my set up is 5kg, so I can appreciate good opening) Most of times on heading some time dives a little. (It is elliptical what else do you expect?) Odyssey is more fun to fly as it is more sharp on toggles, longer recovery ark.

Landing (as you can see I have started new paragraph here)
Crossfire lovers will start throwing stones at me any moment now.
Odyssey has more flare and significantly more lift on landing then Crossfire2 when loaded the same!!!!

I have done around 350 jumps on my Crosfire2 before I even jumped the Odyssey. This canopy is so good that I event went and got dealership from Skylark to work in UK. Check out my site to see videos of openings and landings of this amazing canopy