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Contour HD 1080p

Contour HD 1080p Average Rating = 3.33/5

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ContourHD 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: GalFisk, 2012-10-26

I modified the "velcro" mount using magnets, to stick the camera to my helmet. The velcro was too loose, allowing the camera to shake in the wind.
The camera will come loose from the magnets during a riser strike, but is anchored with the anchor wire, which I made cuttable should the worst happen. The anchor point or wire would probably break first though.

I've had the camera shut down if I don't push the button firmly to the front, as the wind speed can be enough to push the button back. Very annoying the time I filmed for money.
High contrasts get pixellation at the edges, especially visible in 720p/60fps. The canopy lines look built from little 4-pixel white squares. I'd like to be able to change the compression to avoid this, as I want the highest video quality I can get.
The camera has a problem with low light, if the light goes below a certain level it will adjust brightness downwards instead of upwards. This is usually not an issue during skydiving though, it only happened during last midsummer's midnight speedstar, after we passed a thin cloud layer. Makes the camera less useful for indoor stuff though.

The camera is very easy to use, without having to look at it. I like the alignment lasers and confirmation beeps.
All in all a solid product in which a lot of thought has been put, but not without bugs. I'd like to try some of the newest offerings, to see how they compare in usage and image quality.