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Pro Black gloves

Pro Black gloves Average Rating = 5.00/5

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Customer service 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: ermo, 2012-10-10

I ordered a pair of these gloves, thinking I was following their sizing chart. When they arrived they were a bit large and I contacted the company to see about returning them. They not only said it would be no problem but asked to clarify my size so they could ensure they send the right ones. When the post office told me it would cost me as much to send the gloves back as the gloves cost (Switzerland to Croatia), I told them I'd just give them away at my drop zone. Since my size was coming out between two different size gloves, they suggested they send me both sizes but only charge me for one - something pretty unheard of these days. They were quick to respond and very competent every time I had question.

The gloves themselves are great quality and look great too. Highly recommend!