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Satisfaction 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: CliffDavis, 2012-10-07

I have some complaints about my new Infinity but it is not with the fit of the harness. I had an older Northern Lite that I had the harness redone by Velocity and really liked the fit. When I got ready to upgrade containers I made my decision based on the harness fit.

Little did I know that was a great decision. The double wide leg straps makes the leg feel good but the feel of the whole harness is SO much better than my former harness. On my third jump on the harness I was under canopy and took a moment to really feel the harness and it felt like an easy chair.

Also no complaints on the quality of construction which is great.

Especially no complaints on the customer service. When I had my old harness Tony took care of me. When I was trying to figure what size container I needed, they put up with my numerous questions. And finally when they forgot to put my B-12 snaps on my harness, they again took care of me. Tony had me return the rig when I wasn't using it, did the turn around in a few days and paid the freight both ways.

One of the reasons I am concerned about harness fit and B12 snaps is that I am old. I have jumped many brands of harnesses from old military surplus on up starting in 1964 and I want something comfortable.

My complaint is the time it takes to get your rig after you order it. I am like a kid in that respect. I ordered my rig in May and didn't get it until Sept., 17 weeks. It was shipped exactly on the day they told me it would be finished, but that didn't make waiting any easier. Would I order another, you bet, but with the same wait I will still whine.