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Brutal Opening Shock. 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: BossHogSkyDog, 2012-10-06

Guys, do you remember when we were kids and we would jump off of something a tad too high? The jolt upon landing would jar your jiggly bits so hard that you'd see little stars! That's what I experience consistently with my SR-71 (210). This canopy was basically modeled after the Sabre-1 and has identical flight & opening properties (or so I've heard).

I'm slightly over-weighing it (1.3 to 1). I've tried every thing under the sun to slow the openings down. Larger slider, getting really big with camera wings prior to deployment, direct slider control, double stowing all lines, rolling the nose, rolling the crap out of the tail, meticulous packing (flat, pro, flat pro-pack) and every combination of all of the above. The softest openings are the sub-terminal openings, period.

Every thing thing else gets thrown out with a hope an prayer that this one doesn't break something (be it the gear or me). I'm seriously considering up-sizing to a newer model canopy, as jumping at a 5k field elevation probably isn't helping my cause either. Until the the money is there, I'll continue with my hopes and prayers. Oh yeah, and all the TLC I can give the pack jobs meanwhile! In the last 100 jumps, I've made maybe 4-5 open acceptably and have never trash packed this rig. Am I giving it too much attention or is just time to turn this ugly old puppy into a car shade?! Any additional input or suggestions not on the board already would be much appreciated! BS*BD

Revisiting my previous review... I think I've gotten these brutal openings under control and here is what seems to have made the difference.... I'm actually meticulously pro-packing, rolling the hell out of the nose (7-8 times per side), punching that to the back of the pack job, using double half bands (on center c-lines), each double stowed, for direct slider control, not encasing the entire pack job with the tail (due to this canopy's odd shape) and just cocooning the tail around the pack from where it lays after the tail's been flaked (about half way up the bundle. Slimming folds prior to the tail wrap seem the help with control-ability and in keeping all lines in the center as well. Then I double stow all my line stows and this seems to slow it down to an acceptable opening. I was able to pull a significant snivel out of this thing over the past weekend that was a little more than satisfactory as I approached the hard deck. I threw out at 3,400 and was saddled by 2300. That got my attention as I've been so used to a 300-500 ft opening range (OUCH!). Though I'll take a 1k + snivel over having my teeth knocked out any day! I hope this helps any one that may be experiencing similar issues * Oh yeah, and don't forget to cock your pilot chutes ALL THE WAY, boys and girls! ;)~ BS/BD!