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Evo Freefly Suit

Evo Freefly Suit Average Rating = 1.00/5

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estimations of production suck 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: ua45free, 2012-09-30

I ordered my suit (5MAY12) from Julio (the owner) he measured me himself after he completed he told me they would start on my suit in 2 month and if I wanted to I could pay more for express shipment to get it sooner. I received my order confirmation 2 weeks later on which it said the production date for my suit was not for 5 months! I called and asked about this they replied that Julio (again the owner) was wrong and since they only had 2 seamstresses working everything was taking longer and that rush delivery was not an option. So I waited. On my production date(22SEP12) I had still not heard anything form the company after sending 2 emails asking about the status of my suit I finally received one back telling me that it was only an estimated production date. I gave it a couple more days and wrote another message on 30SEP12 telling them that if my suit was not going to be sent out within the next 7 days that I wanted to cancel it so after 5 months and some change of waiting they didnít even offer to discount the suit which was quoted at $650. For the price I would have expected more speed and better customer service.