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Great suit! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: zerospinskier, 2012-09-26

First, I ordered my suit through Chelsea at GrenLightIsOn, who did a great job of relaying all my information to Sherry at FireFly and keeping me updated. Definitely go through her to order any FireFly product!

This is my first suit, so I did not have much of an idea what to expect. My freefly coaches told me to make sure I get my suit tight, because I am a pretty skinny/tall guy and fall very slowly. I did not have a lot of money to spend, so I decided to go with FireFly as they offered the cheapest freefly suits. Now, nothing on the site looked like something that would be super tight like a Tonfly or Liquid Sky, but I assumed I could get something that would work.

I added notes to my Rigby order that I wanted the suit nice and tight, with t-shirt length sleeves, and didn't really need/want the stripes on the side. Sherry told me it was all doable, but would require a different cut on the suit with elastic panels and an extra $50 charge. She sent me a mock up of the design to be approved before it was made.

Soon after I had the suit at my door. Overall, I am very pleased with how it turned out. The quality is awesome, and it looks sweet! The only cons I could possibly add would be the fact that an extra tight suit like this may benifit from some extra body measurements when placing the order. Compared to other manufacturers, FireFly's order form has fewer measurements to fill out. It seems this added a little more assumptions to the order, which if eliminated, could add more comfort and better fit to the design. This is being fairly picky though. It still fits great and I can't wait to get in the air with it! I am waiting on a healing shoulder at the moment, but I will post again once the suit gets some use with how it feels in the sky and the durability.