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Aerodyne Nailed it 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Ghobbs444, 2012-09-19

There have been plenty of reviews talking about the flare power of this canopy, they are all dead on! Im about 6'2 225 out the door so Im wingloaded at around 1.5 on my Mamba 150. ( a pretty conservative wingloading considering the planform) I have had no problems bringing it straight in (it still wants to swoop then) Front riser turns are a whole different ball game. Front riser pressure for me is a bit heavy but remains heavy all the way through the dive. Nice long recovery arc and swoops very very well once mastered. There is a huge response to harness input-- I can always get pointed in the right direction without even unstowing my brakes.

You will however, want to pay special attention to how you pack it. I am at a conservative wingloading and it still is very picky. ( i roll the piss out of the nose and the tail)

Overall great canopy with amazing amounts of glide. I glided better than a katana loaded the same. I would recommend this canopy. I love it.