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Vengeance 170/150 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Jonesy920x, 2012-09-18

I just came back after a 17 year hiatus and wanted to get an airlock canopy. I picked up a VN 170 loaded at 1.4. The canopy was a blast. I had read the reviews on the canopy and was scared to death on my first few openings. Yes this canopy can give you a surprise but I would attribute that more to body position and packing. Personally I believe loaded lightly it's a great intermediate wing. I downsized to a VN 150 loaded at 1.6 and what an amazing difference ! Much more responsive and a lot more forward speed (DUH). However if you work through your canopy skills you'll find it glides very well in brakes. I've made it back from some long spots with that technique. But when you let it loose it's a ground hungry bitch. Coming out of half brakes it gives a pretty good surge that could get you in trouble landing out if you haven't practiced it. All in all I love this wing and I am a true "Airlock" groupy ( :