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Skydiving Gear : Reviews

ULTIMATE non X-Braced Swooping Machine 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: verticalflier, 2007-06-23

I have two Mambas 96 loading them about 1.85 :1.
All I can say that for the longest time I wanted to buy a Crossfire 2. Last summer I have demoed Crossfire 2 and put several jumps on it. Then without doing a demo I ordered Mamba 96. It was a gamble but after couple of jumps I knew I had my container full of fun. I have put about 150 jumps on my Mamba since April. This is an ultimate swooping machine in the non-cross braced fully elliptical class. I will take it over Crossfire 2 any day for a simple reason of performance. All inputs are awesome and it is very responsive to harness turns. Front riser pressure is very, very light giving you ability to stay in a dive longer. If you are already using rears be prepared for long swoops. It lands awesome using toggles as well as just rear risers.
Demo one if you have a chance!