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Skydiving Gear : Reviews

great no hassle ws 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: alain, 2005-06-08

I've been jumping my S-fly right after 5-6 coaching jumps on BM classic.
It's a 1st gen, made end of 2003.
The new ones (2005') are basicaly the same wing but with better materials and imrpoved built quality. I'd give a 5 for those !
The S-fly is easy to use. Unlike some top notch rivals like S3 or MTR2, the leg wing is not huge and therefore easy to dialup for a beginer. Over all performance is very good though, I've been flying side to side with a GTI and I'd say the S-Fly is better. I Did not get a chance to fly with S3 bird mens.
Rigging up is actualy done in less than five minutes, thanks to those zippers.
Now, good thing with the S-Fly, and I'll go against the prview review on this, is how easily you get in (before boarding) and out (after opening).
Once you get the right way, it takes nothing more than 2-3 minutes to get in: you don't have to plan far ahead before boarding with the S-fly :)
Unzipping arms and legs and removing booties is nothing more tricky than a classic. The S-Fly is suitable for complete beginners on that matter, and no big deal with a small harness sensitive canopy (I'm flying a crossfire2 @ 1.6:1)

My bottom line is: if you want the best absolute performance the S-FLY is probabely not for you.
But if you accept to trade a little top end performance for global hassless use and flight, this is for you.